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Wed 27th June - Perry - Evening
Few people shown interest in the blean ride thread and as mentioned I'd normally ride but want to have a last minute pre alps fettle so just doing this 'Wednesday One Off" Wink

I'll be working all day so Tim and I should rock up at about half 6.

I'm good for either Perry or Covert so whatever people prefer really. Wouldnt mind closing the 2 second gap on the Royal I have with Si  Wink

Discuss!  8)
I'm up shaving some seconds on the royal.
I'll be at Perry from mid afternoon... Smile
Perry it is then boys and girls. Smile Should be there around half 6  until I cant see anymore  Wink
Lovely up there this evening, could have spent all night up there  Smile
I take it my KOM Royal time is still very much intact?
[quote="]I take it my KOM Royal time is still very much intact?[/quote"]

Yes your safe for another day!

I matched my best, but that's still 3 seconds behind you.

I was mostly playing on the run across the roots off the drop then the kicker by the tree, so nearly getting both wheels past the dip.
[quote="]I take it my KOM Royal time is still very much intact?[/quote"]

What your miracle 17 seconds? WTF?

I pulled a 27 on that and then a 31 on the non 'accurate' one.

Also created 'The Roots' segment which should appear in the next few hours. It's the routey down hill bit with the dropoff the roots that were clipped back and over the larger jump in to the lowest part. Si, I'd imagine you will have a time on it automatically as its what you told me to do...
O nope, leaderboard is up for 'the routes'........... Go see for yourself boys and girls...  Wink
Lol, the roots is a bit short, should start it from the picnic table. My Miracle 17 seconds? I have a couple of miracle 19 second runs on there too. Must be like your miracle run on the roots!!  :-)

I'll try for a proper time on the new roots section on Friday.

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