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Broken Crank
There I was, just riding along, when this happened!


Ok, so I wasn't JRA, I was out on a xc jaunt on the Trailstar when, riding in the middle of a group, a 6" metal post reared it's ugly head and bit my bike! I was fairly close behind someone, and didn't see the post until too late, just managed to swerve avoiding a head-on collision but clattered my pedal very hard indeed. As you can see, the crank failed quite spectacularly with a hell of a noise. The pedal survived unscathed. I bashed my knee a bit but am obviously too hardcore to feel pain, actually it was fine, but slighty bloody. Fortunately this happened only about 3 miles from the car, so with a push from GF and a couple of the lads I was on my way, riding like a knock-kneed gimp as I eased the broken end of the crank round with my toe.

What a tale of woe, but after the ride we went to a birthday party and got drunk so it wasn't so bad. Now on the lookout for a replacement crank if anyone has one, but have also asked on my Herts forum so may pick something up locally.

Cheers guys.

EDIT - Don't worry Breezer, the bike's ok, and sends its love.
Keep it foolish...
Ouch! Think I have an xt crankset (worn rings) you can have cheap if you want?
could be cool, thanks dude, what BB fitting though? May be able to get something locally but thanks for the offer and I'll let you know what's occurring.
Keep it foolish...
Ht 2 bb. Has one with it iirc, not sure how good it is though. Pass by you a couple of times a week so can deliver for tea...
That'd be great, thanks dude, I'll make it good tea and maybe cake too. Whenever's good for you though, no rush.
Keep it foolish...
Forgot that was my old frame, glad its still working although i don't believe you ever ride it as the chain would fall off constantly with no front mech or chain device at all
Left pedal

Is this a revolutionary New clippy pedal technique?   Wink

Glad your not too injured.  Friend was smashed in the shin yesterday, pedal strike.  Instant swelling and on inspection I thought it was broke, brave face and he assures its "a mere flesh wound".
Hey Nick, is your crank still an option? I'll PM you, cheers dude
Keep it foolish...

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