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Enduro: How would you do it? - THE RESULTS
If you was doing a 24hour enduro as a pair, what ride pattern would you go for and why?

1 2   1 2   1 2   1 2?
1111  2222  1111  2222?

Having done 1 on 1 off I'm not sure I'd want to do it any other way. It's all very well waiting 3-4 hours between stints during the day, but factor in the night 'experience' and it's far from fun.
Plus it's not enough time to sleep, I'd over eat = stitches etc, over drink = far too frequent toilet breaks. Boredom, cold, warm up/warm down.
Given it's an experience of fairly epic proportions, is about lasting the time and taking in the atmosphere and feel of like minded people, taking 3-4 hours out between stints is simply too long. Doing it 1 on 1 off, I feel, keeps you far more involved, interested and is a challenging experience.

So what would you go for and why?
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o
Perhaps do 2 on 2 off in the early laps, to mostly avoid the carnage of the start and queues on the track, then you can drop into 1 and 1 after a couple of turns. Kind of depends on the length of a lap really, if its an hour then 1 on and 1 off is fine, its its 30/40 mins you may want a slightly longer rest to allow time for food/drink and mechanical fixes.
2010 Canyon Aeroad 9.0 SL
2014 Specialized Epic Marathon
Hello P.Smurf, been a while, hope you're well.

My suggestion for this is based on a 'lap per hour' type distance. Also it takes me a while to 'warm up' so that's why I've ignored the single lap strategy.

2 laps each until 10pm, giving enough time to get warmed up and ride.
4 laps each over night, with one of you riding from 10pm til 2am, and the other riding from 2am til 6am, this gives both a little time to sleep.
2 laps each from 6am onwards.

Most importantly, I'd not be doing this, as overnight events are no fun.
Keep it foolish...
Out of interest which race are you doing Mr P  Undecided

If it were me I would do double laps then prehaps 3 laps each over the night..
pretty much agree with Alkali as longer laps over night    2 laps to 10 3 or 4 laps til 4.30-5am and back to 2

look at time when its dark and split that as probably dark at 10 but light before 6

only ever done 3 x 4 man teams and went to 2 laps each over night.

your lights might be a limiting factor - if only have 2-3 hr span do longest stints to fit comfortably inside those - should be recharging

would start with 2 laps or possible 3 laps - it takes 10-15 mins or so to get ready for a lap and 10 mins or so to get back and start sorting stuff
if you have to eat and clean bikes a bit  a single lap strategy gives you less than 20 mins (assuming a 45 min dry lap) or just half an hour for 1hr laps.

working out when changeovers happens could be fun - helper to track on course rider?
Lagging - 24/12

The laps will most likely be about an hour, and if not the weather hasn't exactly helped in the gaining of fitness.

When me and Treacle done SITS it was a little odd overnight but I still think it's best to do 1 on 1 off. Get back to tent, scoff, water etc. If you need to fix up the bike then you can pass that onto your partner at changeover. Plus then not being out for long meant I didn't get too cold and didn't suffer cramp and the like
Although hard mentally and physically, it was all part of the experience and challenge for me, and made completing it even more of a great moment.
Although we both did 1 double overnight, Rich got some sleep and felt great, I caught some zzz's and it was the worst thing I could of done! Woke up dehydrated, confused, over-tired and it threw me out for more than a few hours or so. Also forgot my bottle that lap which didn't set me up well for the rest of the race.

Although I would do double over-night I wouldn't sleep, so then it comes down to being too cold etc, so I wouldn't want to be out too long. And even if my TM was out 4 hours, still not enough time bearing in mind my physical state by then.
And I feel that doing a big stint overnight is like a big ride, when your already knackered, at a dodgy time of day/night. So that comes with it's own 'warm downs' and then you still have to do another few laps across the next 6-7 hours or so.
That said I have a spare battery for me, Tom don't.

And as mentioned, neither of us are particularly fit at the moment. Speed isn't great and endurance could be worse - and better! So it's gonna be more about Pace.
I've done 24/12 as a team of 4 and Sits as a Pair and various fowlmead races. Tom has done the Fowlmead 6 as a pair with me and that's as far as his racing experience goes.
He wants 3-4 hour stints the whole way... But I'm not convinced that's the best option, definately not for the whole time!
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o
My fitness is exemplary!..
Lights won't be an issue, 4hours max, 12 med setting.

I like the sound of 2/3 laps during the day and 4/5 at night. Could be a dangerous mix tiredness and dark though!
Eating and drinking tips greatly recieved. I'm planning on 80g carbs per hour racing and 60/40 carb protein whilst not and drinking ~ 600+ ml electrolyte hours min (one bottle) but hell, I don't really have a clue.
It's always tricky to provide advice as this is very personal - fitness etc...

A few pointers from me:
(I'm assuming you are looking to complete rather than compete.)
Assess what you can realistically achieve & plan below that,  you may start off on form, but.........
I would probably look at a baseline of 2 on, 2 off.  If nothing else that provides flexibility. You can drop to 1/1 if tired or conditions demand, or raise to 3/3 if you need sleep.
Remember you're a team, you both have to get through this & that means finding something that works for each of you - you will both have to compromise.
Light run times maybe less important than recharge times.
It's never the cycling that stops you completing these. You can both ride your bikes well enough to make it through.
What may get you is the lack of preparation/planning you alluded to in your earlier post.  You didn't dehydrate whilst you slept & you forgot things because you we're functioning right because you've been up all night & you're dehydrated - but you can pedal OK.
Last time I did an endurance event as a pair we wrote a lap by lap time schedule before the race & stuck to it. Some were a push & some had to be backed off, but we achieved exactly what we set out to.
Remember that once you start the race planning possibilities are zero as you'll only see each other breifly at changeovers.
They're not called "Enduro" for nothing ;D
Ahh sorted then, Tom does 5 laps then you do 2... 5-2  5-2  that would work for me & you'll both be happy  Big Grin Big Grin
I just done a 12 hour 1 as a pair & we done 1 lap at a time, came 4th  8)  24 hour though youd have to do 3 or 4 at night to allow the other to rest.  Wont be easy as a pair.

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