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Tapered headtubes
Hiya chaps after a bit of advice!

What's the view on tapered headtubes ? Worth considering when buying a new frame? 2 versions of the frame I've ordered and they want to know what one I want!  Last year's has a normal 1 1/8th headtube and the new one has a tapered head tube?  The older one is about £40 cheaper!

Cheers  ;D
does make it stiffer but only if you are using tapered forks. If the frame is steel you problaby wont notice it much, also everything seems to be going tappered so could future proof it a bit more Undecided id go for tappered forks and frame Smile
A tapered headtube will take a standard steerer and a tapered steerer. So you have a greater choice of forks. Go tapered.
Frame Is steel, looking to run probably a set of 150 revs or 160 fox 36's.

Most likely looking at getting a 2nd hand set of forks unless I can find some bargains but Definetly tapered all the way then ?
ive got a nice pair of 36's for sale that will fit both types of headtube!!

Personally I think its pretty difficult to notice the difference in steerer tubes, there are lots more flexy bits at the front of a bike such as bars, stems, axles, fork stanchions and wheels that would flex long before a headtube.

Having said that a tapered one gives you choices as already mentioned, plus it will probably help with resale down the road.
get sailors 36s steve mm mm, whats the frame you?
Keep it foolish...
Its a Carrera Banshee!  ;D
Cotic bfe Undecided
Urgh just checked my email and it's become uncertain again ! Was going to be a cotic bfe but they have been having delivery issues with the large ones in the colour I want !

It's between the bfe and the chumba Hx1. Thought I had my mind set on the cotic but getting hold of one seems to be hard in the size and colour I want !
Speaking from experience of running 160mm forks on a BFe, I wouldnt, nor would I on any HT, its just to unsettling the amount of angle change/pivot around the rear axle.

The only time it kinda worked was in a straight line downhill or off drops.

I would go tapered but with 1/8" steerer then you can run an angleset if you want. The new BFe's have only just arrived so supply will be tight for a while

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