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On my ever increasingly frusturating search for below averagly priced perfection, Im in the offing for a pair of Pike 454's 2008 (in Dark Grey*)

They have "Maxle" axle and all the other features I want.

Q: Is Maxle compatible with my BRAND NEW XT Hubs?

Im not sure what Maxle does, but obviously cannot get the fork if it wont work with my wheel.

*Dark grey forks on a Black frame? - Wotcha think?
Have a watch of this Wink
Not sure about the XT compatability.  I'm sure someone will have an answer in a mo.

Looks really solid - Cheers Ade.

Looks a meaty spear of love to go through an XT hub though...........(?)  Wink

Unless there is certain parts to remove from an XT hub to make it fit?
Apparently XT Hubs are 15mm through axle - I think this Maxle thingamee is 20mm.

Unless Im missing something, this isnt compatible and Ive answered my own question?
To my knowledge - if you have an XT QR hub you can't use it with a maxle.  Hope hubs are different in that you can get conversion kits but certianly the older (up to 07/08ish) XT hubs don't have the capability to switch

15mm is different again.  Good to have so many 'standards' isn't it??!
Looks like my quest continues....

Someone leave a light on, Im gonna be here all night.......

Check the Shimano webbie.  I'm sure I saw a 20mm QR listed on the XT specs.
Apparantly, I've gotta do some work now. >Sad

[edit]20mm QR IS mentioned for XT hubs on Shimano's webbie[/edit]
The lastest models to have 20mm, but on my NEW wheels from Merlin I my front hub is M756 - Which isnt the last model.....

Should I pop to Merlin with a petrol can and a cigar like Hannibal Smith from the A-Team?
20mm maxle is not a QR.

You cant get conversion kits for XT hubs but you can buy them as a 20mm option now. So im afraid your out of luck.

Pikes are an excellent fork but might be a little bit overkill on the trance x.
If you did want the Pikes then as the wheels are unused you could probably persuade them to swap it for the 20mm, but as Russ said they could be overkill for your sort of riding, i.e. mostly pure XC with not much sketchy-ness. See what i did there Wink's been a long and crappy day :Smile

I don't think they are overkill for the bike though, as you have proved Russ with the sort of riding you used to do on Nicks frame, it's a bloody tough bike. The 20mm maxel is so stiff it makes the front end feel a lot more planted, and it might encourage you to do more sketchy stuff? Wink

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