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History of Gaming

See how many of the games you remember.
Yes, we know you're too young to remember any of them Steve  Tongue
"impished" Wrote:[youtube]PuqsxnHlhTc[/youtube]

See how many of the games you remember.
Yes, we know you're too young to remember any of them Steve  Tongue

OOIIII, ill have you know i owned an orginal gameboy... and the likes of kirby, tetris etc Big Grin
Gameboy is new in gaming terms heh. I remember on one holiday I completed the original super mario world 2 times over and died near the end of the 3rd, took many hours!
I could name you some classic Amiga games from the late 80's. its all been downhill since then.
Now we are talking!
"Breezer" Wrote:Now we are talking!

Sensible Soccer
Kick Off
New Zealand Story
Speedball 2
to name a few

All from a time when Graphics and Sound were so basic that the developers had to make sure gameplay was good. Now it seems that gameplay comes last. Halo being a fine example! I threw my Xbox in a skip (although it was barely working).
What about the original Speedball heh. Second was far better though, "Ice cream, Ice cream" (wont mean anything to SteveT!)

New Zealand Story was bundled with my A500 when I got it

I have a 360 and a original xbox before that but only play driving games and shooters. Just sold all of my 360 games except Forza 2 however as I dont play them. I get annoyed playing FPS games on a joypad and modern ones just dont feel right. I used to play the original Quakeworld (online version of Quake 1) a silly amount. I was just about the top uk free for all modem player at that time and played team deathmatch for the top uk clan in the uk and european leagues. I didnt bother with Quake 2 as it felt awful. I briefly played Quake 3 again in Div 1 but got annoyed with that as well and didnt bother with pc gaming after that.

At least with the 360 like with the Amiga, you know the game is going to work without any hassle, or needing to upgrade your gfx card every week etc. I do like Forza as I can get all techy with it which I like as I compete in motorsport in "real life". Just checked and im ranked 1,384 in the world for time trials out of 613,654 and I have some times in the top couple of hundred

ah could get all nostalgic now and fire up the xbox 1 with its modchip and my neogeo emulator, now theres a classic system, games that used to cost over £100 back in the 90's
xbox? Pah! This was the daddy... Check out the wood effect panelling.


It's from 1980! And astrosmash ruled hard
Keep it foolish...
Oh, the memories....
And no one can forget putting all their pocket money in the holiday-park Space-Invaders machine 8)

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