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Wet Weather Riding
I have just been reading some of the latest mountain bike magazines and it made me laugh how they keep trying to put a positive spin on this crappy summer. They keep mentioning how much they enjoy riding in the wet and how much fun and a challenge it is.

This to me is a bit too optimistic for my liking and I would like to know were they are riding.  I don’t mind a bit of moisture but my local conditions at the moment are not fun with all the thick clay waterlogged soil and standing water. Then having to come home and clean the bike again. I will go out and enjoy any conditions the weather throws at me except when I am being pelted with rain and sliding though puddles and mud at which point it seems like forced fun.

So out of interest do people on this forum also enjoy all this rain and damp conditions or am I alone in preferring dry faster conditions in the middle of summer?.  And fingers crossed for a bone dry August!
Unashamed fair weather cyclist here.
"General Sparks" Wrote:Unashamed fair weather cyclist here.

+1, I ride 8km each day for work, get wet enough doing that, buggered if I am going to go out again in the evening to get wet for "FUN".
I enjoyed it to a point, now I'm just plain fed up.  I think when you have an end in sight, the promise of dry, dusty, fast trails, it's more bearable.  Now it seems that we've lucked out this summer I have a distinct lack of bothered.  Low points include standing at your car, not knowing where to start with yourself and the feeling of trench foot.  
I think I can look at this two ways... First of all, I am still yet to buy any proper wet weather gear. I personally love riding in awful weather as generally the woods are quite sheltered. But due to my lack of anything vaguely waterproof (I think I left my NorthFace jacket in Wales as I haven't seen it since Sad ) I am generally put off quite easy.

However, I have recently discovered that not getting out riding what so ever makes me feel far more peed off and miserable than I would be after a ride in naff weather, and to be honest, as wet as you may be, as soon as you've had a hot shower and you sit down and scoff some foods, you feel magnificent!  Smile

(disclaimer: I'm sure someone will point out that I bailed both evening rides last week due to weather - but that was post alps blues - which have now washed away  Wink )
Im a self confessed idiot and to prove it I’m happy in riding in any weather, find there is a different skill set to different conditions and look at that as the challenge. Cleaning the bike after every ride is a down side Sad. I do try to choose the right place to ride when wet as people have pointed out before heavy traffic in the worst draining of places, destroys the trails. Living in the uk means you have to make the most of what we have and for me it’s a hell of a lot better than trying to ride in 40deg heat. That and we have some of the best countryside on the planet.
I guess I am happily ensconced in the idiot category Tongue  I too love to be out on my bike, no matter what the weather, and have to say that the more I clean the bike, the better & more efficiently I seem to do it!  The mud is rather tiresome, especially in high summer, but given the choice of muddy wet ride v no ride at all, the rainy conditions win every time for me...

We were only discussing yesterday the best places to ride in the rain & agreed that some of the trails in Kingswood & Wye seem to be less affected than those in Blean on the whole.
It has been annoying of late. Its just weird having all this mud but also being warm too. My body doesnt know what to make of it!

I think what people need to remember is that isnt the rain alone that make mud. It is the people, bikes and horses that churn it up. Thus it is possible to avoid mud if you know your riding spots well.

I know every inch of my two riding spots and I can easily go where other people dont. And shock horror it isnt muddy in these lesser used areas.

So I say get out and explore and dont rely on the same trails that other people showed you. Find new ones!  Smile

In terms of the actual riding, it presents a different but equally enjoyable challenge. Riding in mud is an important skill. And riding in mud is a good cardio work out too.
Mud is fine and I dont mind if it rains during a ride. However if it's raining before or if there is massive puddles I can't stand it.
"Buzz" Wrote:Mud is fine and I dont mind if it rains during a ride. However if it's raining before or if there is massive puddles I can't stand it.

Puddles are great! Especially if you dont know how deep they are!  Tongue

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