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The Olympics
They seem to have started. For an example of the most awful football one could possible imagine shifty yourself over to BBC3. GBR vs The Greatest Country on Earth. Its so bad its almost gone full circle to become entertaining again.
I didnt even know when it started till a couple of days ago and I still dont as apparently the opening ceremony is on Friday yet some professional sport (soccer) is already being played despite it being an amateur event. Ive noted on my phone calender when the mtb, bmx and couple of road events are and thats it, couldnt care less about the rest
Ive been distracted. Im watching a documentary about people in Pensylvania trying to leave the Amish community. Bonkers. The lot of em.
My sister took me to an Amish shop once which was actually quite cool.  They made wooden furniture and to demonstrate that one bit of furniture was a computer desk they had carved up a wooden pc to sit on top of it.
Now some guy has just demolished his house and burned it because the Old Testament told him to.
And Charles Darwin resides in hell too apparently. Mucho bonkers.
Woohooooo! Great finish by Bellers there.
"Blackers" Wrote:Woohooooo! Great finish by Bellers there.

Yay one of the greatest sporting events this country has ever held,but if we can make about football to annoy breezer even better.

Big Grin
Im loving the colour coordinated microphones!

I am actually getting really excited about the opening ceremony.  Tongue
Wtf is this. The world probably think we are still stuck in the past plus there were no bails on those cricket stumps or whatever they are called
Wiggo - casual as you like. Looked like he couldn't leave quick enough. Off to bed for tomorrows early start.
Music bit was good. I've not heard of half of these countries
"General Sparks" Wrote:Wiggo - casual as you like. Looked like he couldn't leave quick enough. Off to bed for tomorrows early start.

I thought wiggy (as he likes to be known) was only riding the time trial - is he doing the road ride too?

Thought the first part of the olympic ceremony was like a messed up pink floyd video.... anyway....

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