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I have never really had a problem with punctures, and up until this weekend the last I had was in Afan 4 or 5 years back. However I had two at the weekend and having already given my two spare tubes to my mate I ended up walking back to the car, pushing my brand new bike. The bike came with Conti Speedkings so I am not greatly suprised.

Does anybody use self repairing tubes? I gather they are heavy but they obviously work as my other mate was puncture free and was using them.

And is anybody else running speedkings? Opinions?
get a stans kit and go tubeless

you will not seal the speed kings with latex as the sidewalls on light weight conti tyres seeps but you can then fit some tyres of your choice and enjoy the better ride and lower weight of riding tubeless...   you'll be able to sell the speed kings on to one of the racey types
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
Did you not have a puncture repair kit? Normal process if riding with others is, spare tube is fitted whilst someone else fixes the punctured one so its good for the next puncture should it be needed

Not had a puncture in over a year mainly running my mud x's and nevegals. Dont recall any in my speed kings last time it was dry and I used them ie spring 08. I run 35psi, weigh 14 stone and ride through stuff as opposed to over it as im lazy/unskilled. I couldnt believe the amount of broken off thorn sticks etc I was riding through at the weekend but no puncture....
I dont see the point in tubeless. You barely save any weight if indeed any at all due to the sealant, strip, heavier tyres etc. The phrase "but you can just stick a tube in if you get so many punctures it wont self seal" always cracks me up as you cant. You first have to remove the 10 thorns stuck in the tyre! Then of course you have the farce of sealing them in the first place. I have only had one pinch flat in my life and as above, im heavy and run low pressure. I was smashing down rocky/flinty paths on the Inbred yesterday and it was fine, my friend however with some panaracer rubbish got a nick in the tyre from a small rock
i pinch flatted my rear nevegal on weds last week, massive 1/2 inch slit in twpo places which is rubbish, like to see a tubeless cope wiht that. Now I have to go as It's my bird's birthday and I'm getting moaned at for doing bike stuff, and calling her a bird too now... Birds eh?
Keep it foolish...
All i know is that i have had no punctures since April and i used to get a hell of a lot more than no punctures...

At surrey last week spotted a fair size twig flapping about on my front wheel, it was a huge thorn stuck in my tyre which would have flatted instantly with tubes... pulled it out and span my wheel and then carried on...  

What i would say is give it a try, if you like it keep it and if you really don't like having no punctures, lighter weight (normal tyres work so no weight penalty) and much better feel and grip then go back to tubes... sorted

I have posted the way i found easiest to go tubeless before but i'm happy to go through it again....  the best bet is to put the tyre on with a tube and go for a ride or simply leave it for a day, then just remove the tube whilst keeping one side of the tyre in the bead, pop in your valve and sealant and pop a track pump on and pump, job done... i'm happy to help anyone that is having problems as it took me a couple of goes to work out the best way and was pulling my hair out at first.
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
Wow, I didnt know you had hair ;D
Never had a puncture with my Nevegals but I do read about how they have thin sidewalls, I must ride really slowly Sad
&quot;Laggingbehind&quot; Wrote:Wow, I didnt know you had hair ;D

Hey my lack of hair is through choice... i have a very fine head of hair with absolutely no grey if i choose to let it grow...
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
Hair aside, i'm having trouble with my tubeless setup at the moment.  The tyre is sitting nicely on the rim but no matter how much i spin the wheel some air must be very slowly escaping.  It's been nearly flat when i checked it after leaving it overnight twice.  Suggestions?

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