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(new) Favourite Album
Jeffrey Foucault Miles from the Lightening

Jellylegs, if you like blues try The Hoax. They are the best British blues band by far, they disbanded a few years ago but got back together for a few gigs recently. They are very "SRV".
Never saw this thread before, but Prodigy are my favourite band, seen them 5 or 6 times now in different place, festivals, gig venues, they say Brixton is their spiritual home, seen them there twice now. Went to the Warriors Dance gig in Milton Keynes bowl last year, 75,000 people i think were there, totally awesome days, Chase and Status, then Pendulum (who are cack really) then The Prodigy. I can't listen to the live version of the album as it makes me to emotional thinking back to how good it was. They also filmed the whole set and it was played at some cinema around the country to mark the release of the album, I went to Bluwewater to watch it too, pretty surreal seeing people mosh is a cinema and throwing glow sticks around!!

They have agreed to play Donnigton Park festival in 2012 which will be their only UK festival gig next year and they will be playing tracks from a new album due end of 2012.

Invaders must Die is the closest recent stuff to the best old stuff!!
Listening to this right now, still rocks and what a way to bid F*** YOU to a S*** day!!!!!!!!
[quote author=]Jeffrey Foucault Miles from the Lightening

Jellylegs, if you like blues try The Hoax. They are the best British blues band by far, they disbanded a few years ago but got back together for a few gigs recently. They are very "SRV".[/quote]

Obtaining the hoax as we speak. Have you listened to C.W. Stoneking - he is deceptive to listen to as he sounds like a 70 year old black dude from the deep south, in reality he's a 26 year old lad from australia living in leeds - amazing.

Another album i can't stop playing is Gotye - making mirrors, well worth a listen.
There are a couple of blues singers that are deceptive like that, Jonny Lang is another.
Thread resurrection!!

OK gang I need some new tunes. I have a pretty eclectic taste, everything from Foo fighters, Buddy Guy, Prodigy, the doors, Florence and the machine, Paul Weller, Fat boy Slim & Stone Roses and more.

Recommend away, favourite albums of yours that I may well like.
Try "The Rolling Stones, Shine A Light" soundtrack.  Disc 2 is a spot on.  
After checking out his video HERE I ordered the CD which I have to say is very good indeed.  Its really well put together with some great tracks and a really nice groove throughout.

Check out his SITE  Cheers for the tip Mike Smile

I've also been listening to Wilts first album a lot, which is the follow up band to Kerbdog.  Its quite poppy and up sounding but very good as well, shame they only did two.  That said its a shame Kerbdog split in the first place Sad

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Ride the Spiral to the end
It takes us to where no ones been
Listening to RWD - The Legacy, Rewind the History of UK Garage, Grime and dubstep.

Three cds of really good tunes if you're into that sort of music.
Lostprophets - Weapons for me. Well custom playlist with some of their older stuff like Rooftops too!  Smile
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