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FS Hope HID Enduro Kit x 2
I'm selling my Hope HID's.
(only as I stumbled across a bargain, I'm still perfectly happy with the performance of these, but now have too many lights ;D)

I have two kits with each kit comprising the following:

1 x HID light unit - stem faceplate mount c/w on/off switch, single setting.
2 x batteries - stem faceplate mount each battery will do 2.5 hrs.
1 x interconnecting cable - for connecting lamp to battery.
1 x charger - for, err, charging the batteries.

As above there are 2 complete kits & the 2.5 hr run time is min.  2 of the batteries still do 2.75 hrs.
So there's a min of 10 hrs light here :o

Both kits are in good order with the only "issue" being a rapired charger lead on one kit.
One kit has a brand new HID lamp fitted by Hope less than 10hrs use ago.

The Honest bit:
This is old tech & non LED, but there is around 500 lumens for 10hrs, that'll see you through a 12 hrs solo race without looking for a plug socket ;D
I've completed numerous 12 & 24 hr events with these without any issue along with countless night rides.
Both sets are around 6yrs old & have been used extensively.  Therefore they show signs of cosmetic wear, but nothing that affects performance.
The stem mount method is very tidy, but as the battery is mounted below the stem you need to be running a 80mm stem min to accommodate the battery.

These are currently still supported by Hope & I paid less than £40 for the lamp to be replaced, so the stories of huge replacement costs are rubbish.  I replaced the lamp as the reflector was cracked - it still worked fine, but the output was lower as the reflector was compromised.

I see this lot going as a single sale, but I will split if there is sufficient interest.
I have a small collection of stem faceplates to suit & will happily include them as required, I may even be persuded to part with my Hope stems for an additional consideration.

I'm looking for £120 from a Sketchyite for the lot (stems excluded, but including the faceplates.)
Remember that's 10 hours of more light than you actually need Wink
The current version of this kit is still over £250, that's more than £500 for what I'm offering :o
See here

I will happily do piccies, demos, inspections, deliveries (localish), postage at cost & or Sketchy mail via those of you I know Wink
Might want to rent them for Bedge Enduro
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
£100 & you can "rent" them indefinitely  ;D

You're welcome to use them if I still have them then, or you can use whatever else I have if I don't come to play at Bedge, but I might Wink
Might be interested in these, as regards the 80mm stem, do you mean 80mm of clampable length of stem to fix the battery to ?
No matey, I refer to a run of the mill 80mm centre to centre stem.
Both the light & battery fit to a custom stem faceplate, battery below & light above.
You need the stem length to accomodate the battery in front of the head tube.

I've always run the unit with a 90mm stem & there's plenty of room.
With a 70mm there're just not enough, so I said 80mm min.  Might work with a 75mm stem.

This picture is the set up I've been running for years & shows exactly how it works.

As said before you're more than welcome to come see, trial fit, test.......
I appreciate this is a lot of money for SH kit, so you'll need to be sure.

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Less than 1 minute ago" />   
Thanks for the info, wasn't sure how it fitted, was going to share the kit with a mate who has a Zesty, but he says his stem is 75mm, will investigate further ...............
I think 75mm will be just enough, but easy to find out - try before you buy ;D
Remember you may need to change the stems anyway to suit the special face plates.
Depends on what stems you have & the hole centres etc...

What's the verdict on using these on the road - quiet dark country lanes as opposed to busy main roads(at night obviously?)

£100 or £120?
"Verdict" as in enough light - definitely.
"Verdict" as in will they make on coming cars pull over & wait for you, 'cause they think you're something bigger? Definitely.

I would say they're OTT for town commuting duty, but a road ride (or commute) on dark country lanes they'll be great.

I've used them for road rides & the only downside is they confuse drivers. They really do pull over & wait for you to pass & then have this brilliant look of amazement when you pedal past.
They'll work well on a roadie too as you're more likely to have a longer stem already.

The £100 was a flippant reply to MBNut "rent" enquiry, but I'm happy to negotiate TBH.
Out of interest what did you buy Mr T  Undecided

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