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Cheap eBay Lights
Well I picked up one of the ones in my link above a couple of months back - looks almost identical to yours Redwinnie but rated at 1800lm (but who knows what the actual value is?!?!?). The only issue I've had was with the battery looking less than waterproof, but with judicious use of gaffa tape it's been fine. In terms of performance I've been amazed. I've used it a bunch of times round the woods mounted to my lid and the thing throws a *lot* light probably 70-80 meters down the trail if not more. It's a tightly focused spot with a bit of a halo but the spot is REALLY brightly lit up. Combined with a bar mounted light (I'm using magicshine 900lm which has a bit more spread) I can't imagine needing any more light (especially at the speed I go!). I've also used it a few times on road for training rides, typically on unlit country roads and the seafront prom between Herne bay and Whitstable, and the thing is insanely bright. I typically use it on the lower setting, pointing it at the ground if a car comes the other way (easy with the rubber ring fitting), and this lower setting is way bright enough for road use.
Also thus far I've had no issues with anything bursting into flames - charging is actually pretty quick and while the wall wart gets warm (it's a two-pin type with an adapter which is a little wobbly but could be easily sorted out) the battery itself stays pretty cool. As a precaution I put the thing into a glass jar or metal tin and avoid overcharging, but this is all pretty manageable.
Finally the eBay seller I used was one located in the UK (clearly just a distributor for the Chinese sellers listing the same item), but postage was only a few days, rather than the weeks that it can take things to get here from China.
To summarise: protect the battery from water, careful when you charge it, try not to blind anyone with it!
My only disappointment so far, from one ride home (well a walk actually, bloody puncture fairies) was that it was sold as three light modes, high, medium and flash, but I actually have, high, medium and low which is not much use for the ride home on the road. I really wanted flashing.

I have no instructions with mine, how long do you charge it for?
I have a similar light which takes around 1 1/2 to 2 hours for a full charge however mine is with a UK charger.  How much difference that makes i dont know  Undecided

Mine does have a flash mode however its only useful for inducing seizures or reliving your big fish, little fish, cardboard box raving daze  Wink
Ride the Spiral to the end
It takes us to where no ones been
Chuckles, yeah the flashing mode on mine is full power so would get you noticed from the moon... Sounds unusual for one of these not to have a flashing mode, but like I say, it's unusable on mine anyway, better to have it on a low setting and point it at the tarmac if you're worried about blinding drivers etc.
And similarly, about and hour to hour and a half for charging. Only let it go completely flat once and think it was about that long to juice up completely.
After some experimenting last night. I do indeed have a flashing mode. My light effectively has for modes high, medium, low and off. Each press of the button scrolls to the next selection, although there does not appear to be a "real" off, as even when the light is off the green button glows.

The active flash mode, you first have to turn the light on, then press and hold the button to activate flashing.

Would obviously been simpler if I had received instructions.

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