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Hollowtech II Cranks : "Stiff"
As most of you know Im slowly building the Trance up.

I installed the BB and Crankset on Sunday along with  chain and mechs - No mechs are cabled up yet, but positioned accordingly.

I had a quick spin of the cranks this morning on the workstand and the rotation feels somewhat stiff. If you flick/spin the cranks backwards, I would expect to get a couple of freewheel rotations before they stop, currently they dont even complete one rotation.

I have done the bearing pre-load nut up simply hand tight (no hanging) so it cannot be that.

I do have a theory though, that I greased the crank axle before inserting it through the BB - could it be a case that the axled is spinning INSIDE the rubber bearing and not allowing the bearings to spin? - Ie - grease has lubed the axle sufficiently to allow the crank to slip within the rubber seals and no grip them. The slow rotation would clearly be the grease.

Thats my theory, anyone have any other ideas?

It cannot be the BB as its only 3 months old (new from Xmas).
It could be the BB if you have pressure washed it.

Using the correct tool, you barely have to do the plastic preload nut up at all, just enough so that when you then do up the two 5mm bolts (using alternating half turns) and then you grab the two cranks and shake them towards and away from the seat tube, there is no slack.

I greased my Inbred ones before refitting a couple of weeks back, they will do a few turns when spun with no chain on.

You have the chain etc all on? Then it could be the freewheel is either shot or as I think they are your new wheels, just tight as it needs running in. My Pro II would struggle to do more than about 1.5 turns when new
Ive never pressure washed it, and it was working fine on Saturday on my 27 mile road ride...

I will remove the chain and have a spin then, I do recall it being fine during installation, so it might be further down the drivetrain.

I may video it so let you guys see it, but will only do so once Ive removed the chain to elimate anything down the line.

I have brand new unridden rear wheel sitting in it at the moment, so could be hub?

Im tempted to ride through it (when its built) to see if it frees up, but Im worried Im doing some damage elsewhere.

I'll be looking at it tonight.
ah well there you are then, its punishing you for riding on the road
I get 2.5 turns spinning them backwards with moderate force with my hand and thats with chain etc all on
A big problem with these cranks and BB is that you need to get your frame faced before you install the BB. EG the bearings have to be parrallel to each other. Get your LBS to do this it only cost me £5.  But not a job you can do yourself unfortunately.
Big file does the job, got 2 years out of my DMR/Inbred BB and a year out of the Turner ridden through all sorts of filth which is about normal for them as they are not like the old decent square taper ones. File works wonders for brake mounts and headsets as well heh
The previous owner had XTR hollowtech in, so I can safely assuming facing is fine.

I think I may have been over generous with grease on the axle, it maybe spinning within the bearings themselves.

When riding I dont notice any resistance at all, Im hoping a few miles will settle things down and free things up.

I'll revist the stiffness in a few weeks - it currently just spins over 1 revolution with a mild flick backwards.

Dont forget I have a new hub too - so it could be a combination of a few small things which need time to bed in.

Im not too worried about this at the moment, I reckon it will pass.
if its too tight it will cause premature death of the bearings so I suggest unbolting it and doing it up again using the info above

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