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HELP! - Front Mech Setup
Guys - In my foolishness, and after a couple of pints, Ive just "proper f@cked" my front mech shifter while setting up the front mech.

Being a man, I didnt read any guidelines on how to set it up, and followed the basic principles similar to setting the rear up.

(Ive have setup the rear with fine success btw)

I set the cage into the big ring and set the cable tension, nothing was working right, a lot of adjustment was needed, I then fettled a bit then "Bang" my front shifter appears to have blown out, and both levers move freely, hence "proper f@cked"

Sounds like I need a new shifter - but what did I do wrong???....

Can someone point me in the way to a good and reliable HOW TO on how to setup a front mech properly - as clearly I can't!
Keep it foolish...
I did find that before, what it doesnt tell you is about setting the cable up - clearly I had cable tension too tight and "bang" internals on the shifter went pop.

Now I have the headache of sorting more things out, and I need another spacer for my headset as the top tube is flush with the top spacer which is dangerous....

You set it up in the granny ring. What shifters have you got? Did you go for that XT groupset or do you still have the Alivio's? I had the same thing happen to my old Deore's, thought they were broken and bought new XT's, but as i was removing then they suddenly worked again! Try spraing the internals with WD40 as it could just be something jammed, would be surprised if something has broke.
Its OLD LX Shifters with an Alvio front Mech.

Im about to go back out there and open it up and have a quick look - will spray some GT85 in there to see if anything comes back to life.

Im currently in negotiation with another STW seller for a full XT set, he wants £100, but Im chipping away at him.

Currently both levers on the front shifter are completly free and easy to move, no clicking either... I think theyve moved on to the afterlife....  Tongue

If I can get it working, I'll try setting up again, but this time, I'll be sober and less tired and have the parktools printout with me!!.
Hey! - I got it working - the cable must have had so much force in it that it slipped, pulled the internal rotor round and jammed solid in the shifter.

Quick strip down, pulled old cable out, fitted new one, its working OK (will still buy a new one though)

Just need to setup mech now - SLOWLY!

Ok guys, just had another go, christ Im struggling with this...

Im following park tools site and it seemed to be going OK....

With the front on the granny ring and quick flick through the rear cogs, the chain just lightly rubs the front cage bottom (not left or right).  I lowered the cage a fraction (1mm or so) and that solved it.

I then progress to setting the H limit moving up to big cog on front and now the front cage fouls the big ring(!) - If I raise it, then the chain will rub in lower gears..!


I cannot  tilt the mech fore/aft (well it looks like I cant) I can only rotate and raise/lower.

Anyone shed any light on a way to do this, or should I just drop bike off to LBS with cap in hand for a big dose of "I told you so!"
When on the granny-ring what gears do you get rub on?  Smaller or larger?
Parktools guide says setup INNER (L) by having chain on granny at front and 1st (Big ring) on the back - That works fine.

When shifting down through on the gears, rubbing starts at about 4th/5th.

Drop the front mech a touch to elminate this, then when shifting from mech up to big ring - BANG, cage is hitting the cogs.

Im seriously scratching my head here.....

Tilting the mech would help, but I dont think this one does it.
I found i had to do a lot of fettling with my front mechs and i'm still not 100% happy but it seems like yours isn't going well at all.  Is it absolutely parallel to the chainrings?  Sometimes its virtually unavoidable and you have to have it rubbing a little in the extremes of gears you'd never use.  I'm trying to picture the problem with yours but it does sound like you'll have to raise it a little

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