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Brake Buying advice
I've been asked by my brother to find him a set of brakes to upgrade his current Avid mechanical set.

Its going on a Giant Trance & he's based in Brechfa. Budget is approx £200. in which he also needs disks. The fork is IS mount if that makes a difference.

What would be his best bet... any deals
From all the talk around on various forums your hard pressed to beat either the new XT or SLX brakes with the best deals coming from Rose and maybe some of the other german sites too?  He would have to take into account changing the levers from euro to normal though Wink  Merlin also seem to run a good price on them and if your registered on their site they run 10% off sales some weekends too.

I've always been pleased with my Formulas and you can get some good deals from them direct: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

As a cheap and cheerful option these would be a noticable upgrade and save pennies for other things: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=";&nbsp;That"> ... &nbsp;That</a><!-- m --> said Avids do seem to attract a marmite opinion I've noticed but should point out I've never used them myself.
Ride the Spiral to the end
It takes us to where no ones been
Are the brakes the other way around ? I know they are in the State but hadnt realised they were in Europe too
Yes they are. I have some of the Rose XT's, amazing. Swapping the hoses was slight faff but only took 15 mins. I did however have to bleed them after a few rides despite not losing any fluid when swapping the hoses. Been perfect since and only £135 as I already had rotors. SLX are barely any cheaper. Deore a lot cheaper, you lose the servo wave but if you run the levers close to the bars thats not that effective anyway but I have no issues still
I use the new XT's and have so far found them to be very good indeed. The pad's took quite a bit of bedding in, but now they are pretty damned good. I can easily haul my 15st arse to stop with one finger on each lever. I've also found how easy they are to bleed out, having lost a 6 inch section of hose while travelling down bluebell hill off road at speed a month back! That was a scary moment, but alas a new hose is now fitted and bled out in about 10 minutes flat. I've also bought some superstar kevlar pads but not fitted them yet as the originals suddenly bedded in and became really very good.

I bought mine from eBay as a complete XT groupset from a seller in Taiwan brand new for less than £500 delivered (hollowtech crankset, chain, cassette, BB, Brake's, shifters, cables and both derailieurs), and arrived in 3 days Smile
i know iv posted these before but they always seem to have good offers on avids
&quot;Skid&quot; Wrote:i know iv posted these before but they always seem to have good offers on avids

Yeah, weren't too bad for the XT's either...just out of stock
XT's now being ordered from de German shoppe  ;D

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