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knock woods tenterden
this is were i will be riding most sundays from 3pm

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=",-2.327815&sspn=7.793676,14.128418&t=h&hnear=Chestnut+Close,+Tenterden,+Kent+TN30,+United+Kingdom&z=16"> ... ngdom&z=16</a><!-- m -->
if anyone wants to join me bring some digging tools as does need a bit of work  ;D
i will be here all day tomorrow (Tuesday) and again if anyone fancys joining me bring some tools ;D
I cant get over there, smallish woods but OS map shows good elevation so you should be able to put in some nice twisty runs. The wood north of it is also called knock woods, they were probably joined at one point, that ones far flatter though
the one im using has a good little run in there witch i picked as it was an unused path that had a little jump on now just making it better
I will have to try to get over there and check it out sometime, when work stops getting in the way.
Best to avoid too many jump like obstacles as they attract attention. Can still have fun trails without them
im only changing whats there already just needs some little burms mainly the justs that were there wornt worth a rub so just made them more ridable
&quot;Breezer&quot; Wrote:Best to avoid too many jump like obstacles as they attract attention. Can still have fun trails without them

I think you're right man, there seems to be a spate of jump destruction occuring at the moment  I spoke to a friend who works for the F.C. and although he hadn't personally been requested to remove any features he had heard of issues regarding several walkers being hit by bikers(or the other way round, i've no idea of the details/severity) so they are having to at least appear to be taking action to avoid future incidents. They can't stop people riding but i guess if they remove the jumps it looks to walkers as though they are not condoning riding whilst putting off riders from potential large scale constructions. It's a shame but as you say, you can have rad trails without big jumps.
Good luck with the berms spuda maybe see you up there sometime in the future Smile
well theres 3 jumps on the line 1 that i have adjusted ( only 1 foot tall was not even that and made a landing ) and theres a double witch needs a burm near it as it would throw ya into the trees otherwise and another jump that really only needs a lip on it as its warn out and the rest is just burms needed and bushes cut back abit

would be good to ride with yous lot as i have noone to ride with :'( need a car sooooo bad  >Sad

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