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Headset Issues...
Guys, can someone shed some light on this issue for me..

Installed brand new FSA Orbit integrated headset on the Trance - and just took it for its first test flight up the road.

Steering was/is god awful - really stiff.

Ive been tightening the headset compression screw adequalty (not too much) and any less results in the top cap and top space spinning indepently (not good)

Looking over an old Cane Creek instruction guide, there should be a shim washer which goes ontop of the split ring which sits inside the cartridge bearing.

Firstly, the FSA set didnt come with one, and therefore secondly, I never fitted one - Looks like Im getting no compression on the bearings, im simply "doing it up"

The height of the headtube shroud/cover is quite deep - am I suppose to put say a 5mm spacer ring UNDERNEATH this cover to provide compression down onto the split ring?

A thin washer, will not be high enough.....

ideas?? - Im flumoxed (again!)  Tongue
That bike'll be the death of you Ben... But as with me and mine, I'm sure it'll be worth it..
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o
Ive sorted it Jon - If you can picture this in your head......

The rubber/plastic cover on the top tube "should" press down on the split ring in the bearings to pre-load it.

The FSA one didnt/couldnt, so therefore no pre-loading occured - simply "tightening" - which is all wrong.

I found my OLD headset top tube cover (rubbery plastic) which had a protrusion which looked like it sat on the split ring - hey presto, it did/does and now it all works.

So Ive either bought the wrong version headset or the new headset was missing such a piece to press down with.

All sorted!!

Just popped up and down the road to make sure gearing and everything is right, never ridden FS before, and I can tell its awesome already - cant feel the curbs riding off them!!

Just need to clean my TYRES, and then I can put up some final build pics! (Dont want a new bike with faintly brown tyres!!)

Big Grin Big Grin
Just an update for anyone who maybe remotly interested....

Headset issues continue... looks like I bought the wrong one - and I can see why these mistakes occur - bit of a minefield in picking the exact one, any deviation and they just dont work!

Im getting some good repsonse help over on the "other" forum here..
The cheapo fsa pig headset I got for the Inbred had conflicting information in the fitting guide which I only read as it was confusing me, normally I wouldnt lower myself to that. If you fitted the upper bearing race the way the pictures said, you couldnt do it up tight, fitted it the way the written instructions (unclearly I might add!) described, worked fine
The "original" one I bought was Cane Creek compatible and all the numbers match the few parts I had - so naturally assumed it was right (and so did the person advising me)

Clearly it was wrong though.......

So Ive now ordered a FSA Orbit ZERO STACK, which is apparenty what I need (its a No. 9, and I bought No 16)

What also annoys me, is the Cane Creek and FSA websites have very little technical information on their products.

Apparently my headset IS internal, but also known as hybrid integrated as you need to mount the bearing races yourself, but that makes it internal.............  :o

So if anyone wants a FSA Orbit CC No 16 headset - let me know!  Wink
Yes I went to their website to find a updated/corrected install guide to confirm it was ok but they didnt even have the shipping one on there and yet the Pig is probably their best selling headset!
I hate headsets - so much for a "standard" design system.

MBR this month has a Headset article - shouldve done another 12 pages about compatibility and the "Other" 30 different combinations of headset you need to investigate before you buy the wrong one!  Sad
Yes they are a pain. I had to batter the hell out of the Inbreds old headset cups to get them out of the frame and then failed to install the new ones so had to go to the bike shop and pay them! Then took him a few attempts with a proper headset press! Cheapo frame with not great tolerances basically so fractionally too tight and hence why the top cup especially wouldnt go in. Also why I have to do my seat QR up 'kin tight to stop it slipping as thats fractionally too big!

Excellent apart from that though and for £150 cant complain to much! I seem to be able to ride it despite it having 0mm rear travel.
New headset comes today.......

Fingers crossed this is the last one I need to buy!  Sad

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