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Bike Nicked
Sadly i have to report that the fury was stollen from my shed friday night or eary hours of saturday. This is the first trouble i have had since living here. My two neighbours  sheds were also broken in to. What makes it worse is i normally keep it in the garage but couldn't on this ocassion as the other half let her friend park in front of the garage not leavin room to open it . I am so angry with myself
Bad news Sad

I suggest posting on bikeradar and also singletrack and put up a photo of the bike and any distinguishing features that are different to standard ones
I would also take a photo to any local bike shops. I have seen the odd thread before where people who presumably have bought the stolen bike in good faith have taken it to a shop for work to be done and the shop has realised/found out that its stolen
Alan - that really, really sucks Sad  Words can't express how strongly i feel about the kind of scum that would do this.  Was your bike insured?  I know its not the point but its some consolation if it was covered.

Gutted for you after all that time spent making your mind up in the first place Sad
Ooo don't get me started on Bike thieves! I bet your well and truly seeing the rest mist now eh Alan  >Sad
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o
yes words really can not describe the anger i felt. Iphoned my dad yesterday to tell him and he also went mental but despite me telling him not to he insisted on buying me another. Sadly there was no Fury in hislocal halfords so instead he got me the limited edition grey n white vulcan. I will take some pics later
Always a silver lining, eh Smile
Bet you're still Grrrrrrr'ing though.
Alan that is horrible news.

You should be able to get the money back on your bike etc through your household insurance... bikes are covered up to a certain amount normally, then you can either pay your dad back or use the money to upgrade.... did i really say that...

Seriously it is worth contacting your household insurers or checking the policy.
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
I know what I would do if I ever caught the scum with the bike - sadly bikes are used as getaway vehicles - it will crop up somewhere.

Household insurance should cover shed contents, worth persuing, thats why you pay insurance in the first place - best make the most of it.

I would do as suggested and drop a picture into local bike shops and also, a little trick, setup an Ebay search for that bike, as some criminals are stupid enough to put these things online.

Sorry to hear the bad news, god knows how I would react if my bike got stolen, mind you, Im live on an island and its all fairly "close knit", I doubt there are many drug taking thieving scumbags that would ride around on a plush bike! - they would stick out like a sore thumb!

You now need to consider extra security as no doubt the scum will have another go in a few weeks when everyones got their replaced goods through insurances!
Where do you live Ben... i thought you were Rochester based...

Good luck with the insurance Alan
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            

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