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Broadband suppliers - deals and info
Hi all,

I've just moved house and need to set up broadband (that's why I've been quiet on here for the last couple of weeks)

I want:

Reliable Broadband
A home phone line

I don't want:

97 sports channels
14 home shopping channels
Free M&S vouchers / special cashback deals

I would like:

International calling at reduced rates

Has anyone done this recently? Know of any good packages or deals going? Any 'refer a friend' promos?

Cheers dudes
Keep it foolish...
We signed up for Plusnet phone and broadband in August, and upgraded with them to fibre optic in October. The price is the lowest or amongst the lowest, and the service has been fantastic. They don't offer TV. We did get something like £100 cashback by signing up through TopCashBack. The reliability has been pretty good, at least better than at our old house. We have had 3-4 outages of 3-20 minutes since we've had them.

They do offer reduced rate international calling. We had a package but got rid of it due to using Skype and not the phone. I think we paid £5/month for 300 minutes to the US. I think the deal varies by country.

I know they have a referal program that benefits existing customers, but not sure if it works the other way around.
Excellent, thanks Yankee, that's the kinda info I like. I will look into plusnet, hmm, they're not affiliated to skynet are they? I can't take responsibility for the machines becoming self aware.

If they do some sort of referring promo I'll happily give them your details if you like, it might save you something (or get you M&S vouchers etc)
Keep it foolish...
Not Skynet, no. They are owned by BT. All of their customer service is UK based, and the few times I've called, I've been on hold for less than a minute. Blackers uses them too, if that's any sort of endorsement.

If you do sign up just quote my username, rmccully. I think if you sign up through the cash back sites you may not be able to quote a referral, though I'm not sure. It's only like a pound a month discount for me, so no big deal.
alkali Wrote:Excellent, thanks Yankee, that's the kinda info I like. I will look into plusnet, hmm, they're not affiliated to skynet are they? I can't take responsibility for the machines becoming self aware.

I can see where you'd get confused Alkali. Just remember:

Skynet - "a highly advanced artificial intelligence. Once it became self-aware, it saw humanity as a threat to its existence and decided to trigger the nuclear holocaust Judgment Day and deploy an army of Terminators against humanity" (source: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->)

Plusnet - Good honest broadband, from Yorkshire

Marginally lower down in my estimation than Skynet are Talktalk. I'd avoid them like the plague
Thanks for the info dudes, I've gone with Skynet, I expect a terrifying and monosyllabic killer robot to install the necessary gubbins next week.

Yankee - you may get a referral discount / vouchers / Uzi 9mm as I was able to enter your name
Keep it foolish...
On a slightly related note, the new Terminator trailer came out on Thursday. The last two movies were a bit sh!t so I don't have high hopes, but I'm a big fan nonetheless.
Cheers for the discount.
At the risk of turning this thread into an Arnie appreciation convention, I watched half of Conan the Destroyer last night. It's special effects have aged badly, but is much more family friendly than Conan the Barbarian which I seem to remember featured torture, slavery and death in large measures. CtD is more of a Lord of the Rings-esque adventure romp with a Mr Miyagi-alike wizard, an inept and bumbling thief, a howling Grace Jones lady-warrior, and a randy though virgin princess whose chastity must be preserved. Even Conan gets a couple of comedy lines:

Thief- Why are they after us? We didn't steal ALL their gold.
Conan- We didn't have time...

Oh how I laughed. Check it out for a in-depth study of ancient Sumerian socio-economics.

Actually, don't, unless you're drunk.
Keep it foolish...
Plusnet are OK. Had a big blip which showed them to be more like BT than I would like recently, but I'm still with them and don't plan to change.

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