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Oakleys Vs Cheap Ebay knock-offs - Fight!
A couple of months back I lost my Adidas Evil Eye Glasses in Afan. I've ridden in my normal glasses since, but I prefer contact lenses and a protective shield / wrap spec with a light tint. Try as I might, I was getting nowhere with scoring a set of kosher Oakleys from my Oakley contact, so I decided to hit Ebay and see what was available in terms of cheap and cheerful protective specs. I soon found these:


Which, at under £15 looked like a good price. But hold on, they look suspiciously like these:


The top frame is advertised as <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 27cba17a33</a><!-- m --> 'Outdoor 3 Replaceable Lens cycling Glasses' coming straight outa' Hong Kong. The second pair is a legit Oakley Jawbone retailing somewhere in excess of £100, you don't need the link for these.

Seeing that they were very similar to one another, my David 'Bargain Hunt' Dickinson gene kicked in and I Paypal'ed just over a tenner to Hong Kong, reasoning that if they were rubbish then at the worst I was only £10 down.


Then begain the waiting... Coming from HK meant that they would take a looooong time to arrive, it was about three weeks before they got here.

They arrived this morning and look like this.


Just like an Oakley Jawbone frame in fact. Even down to the 'Livestrong' logo on the silicon rubber tips and the 'Jawbone' logo on the side.

resim  <--- Yes, that says Jawbone, though my camera phone is rubbish.

resim   <--- Vented lenses, but sadly no reflecto-porn

They even came with the promised '3 lenses' as well as an Oakley branded case and spare nosepads. This is where they let themselves down a bit, the moulding on the silicon pads is a bit dodgy and the case, though it seems the same as an Oakley one, looks like a factory second, the logo is a bit wonky and you can see the glue in one spot.

I'm left wondering whether these are partially legit Oakleys, though the print on the side and the font for 'Livestrong' all look good, the finish on the silicon pads is rough and way below Oakley's standards. Were they made on the same production line and assembled from factory seconds? Each element of the frame is compromised in some minor way, the colour is not constant on the 'Jaw' hinge but the action is fine, the end tips have a very slight indentation as though they were not quite moulded correctly, though you'd have to be looking very carefully to spot this, the nose pads don't lock the lens quite as firmly as a true Jawbone, though they lock effectively.


Multi Lens (2x dark tint, 1x yellow)
Solid construction
Woohoo Oakleys look at me


Slightly wonky
Finishing not 100%
Not Oakleys

In conclusion, and based purely on a sample of one purchase, I'm a very happy camper. I've a pair of specs that give adequate protection, offer both light and dark lenses and make me look like Ali G. I'd still be happy if I'd have spent twice as much for the same product and am pleased to see that they are not being marketed as Oakley. Delivery time was a bit of a pain, but no problem. My sample was a bit wonky, for some people this would be a problem but as I am blessed with wonky ears then it suits me just fine. Judicious use of a hairdryer might be enough to sort this out anyway (not my ears, the frames) I've not taken a pic of it, but the side carries the Oakley logo, look carefully at the top pic and you can see a fuzzy area where the logo has been photoshopped out!

Keep it foolish...
Interesting.  I'd be a bit concerned about the UV protection these (or any slightly suspicious sunnies) offered though.  Do they carry a kitemark (or similar) and does it look genuine?
Please can you test the lenses, should settle it...
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ata_player</a><!-- m -->
Whilst a CE marking (kitemark) on a knock off cheapo is worth less than my pants they do indeed carry one. I'm gonna try to UV test them tomorrow, wish my retinas luck...
Keep it foolish...
i also have a pair, let me know how the UV stands up???
I have a pair and have used them 4 times now. Once on a night ride. They are bloody superb.
Sketchy is weeks behind STW as they have done these to death. Somebody tested the UV and it was pretty much the same as the real lenses.
The iridium lenses scratch really easily too.
the uv protection will be 100% due to the polycarb lens, the same material as motorcycle visors and riot shields. You'll not get a tan in a riot.
Keep it foolish...
Got mine today and for £13 they are spot on, well happy
nice one SMG, are yours wonky too? you can see the wonk on my own ones in one of my pics above and also on the very first pic in the thread, the right side does not touch the tabletop in either pic. Still, good for not much cash
Keep it foolish...
&quot;alkali&quot; Wrote:nice one SMG, are yours wonky too? you can see the wonk on my own ones in one of my pics above and also on the very first pic in the thread, the right side does not touch the tabletop in either pic. Still, good for not much cash

Too be honest they are fine, I agree with the quality of the nose pieces but if someones that close to me to inspect them I would be slightly worried. The lenses, case are pretty good quality. For £13 well worth it might even buy another pair...

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