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I have decided that my very first bike mod will be to put on new pedals (as the standard ones are huge!) I am guessing that I will also require some footwear other then normal trainers?

So as I am a newbie to all this if anybody could point me in the right direction and offer some helpful advice then it would be much appreciated  :B

You are all going to get sick and tired of all my questions in the end Sad
how huge is huge tho? I ride in skate shoes on flat pedals (BMX style) not very light tho...
Keep it foolish...
I can't really compare the size to anything. They may not be huge, however they do feel and look bulky to be honest
you gotta go with 5.10's Super sticky soles.  ;D
Nice, seem a little pricey, I guess you get what you pay for!
My twopenneth:

When I rode flats I wore Karrimoor lightweight walking shoes (like trainers but with huge grip)

About £20

Im sure you can find them cheaper though.

They're light and grippy and good if you need to jump of to climb up any muddy hills.

Ive recommended them to 2 friends, and both love them, Ive got 2 pairs and wear them for work as very durable.

For £70 for the 510's you "could" try going clipless for about £40 (including pedals!!!) which locks you onto the bike (and makes you look like you know what your doing until you fall off)  Wink

Im currently riding clipless spd pedals, overal cost including pedals is around £50 as Ive got Specialized BG shoes (superb!) and normal Shimano SPD pedals for abbout £15 off ebay (new)
Real riders use SPDs or similar. SPD (Shimano) is cheap but some prefer other makes/types.
My shoes (MT31 are a little less than waterproof so look out for that if you're likely to be riding in rain or sloppy mud.
I use BG shoes as well and they have a wide toe area which is what I needed and good arch support. I was tempting fate a lot at Blean on Sunday by track standing tons of time whilst still clipped in heh although I can get out of mine easily due to worn cleat as I found doing one fake bunny hop (cant do proper ones sigh) and my left foot came out of the pedal upwards.

I really must fit the new candys ive had in a box for half a year lol, need new frame first!
So in short....

man up...


I did and never went back, cycling without them feels very odd now.

Dont spend any more than £40 on your first pair of spd shoes - Im very lucky as Im still riding with my first pair as they are mega comfy, and look pretty cool IMHO.

(Oh so all my gay roadie mates tell me anyway....  :K) )
Velcro ones far better than ones with laces. I have a (fixation!) thing with needing to have both shoes identically tight but velcro doesnt come loose, I normally just adjust a couple of times at the start of a ride, laces are a faff and are just a joke to undo when covered in mud and its cold etc plus the shoes will have very rigid ankle supports etc so you risk damaging them if you just slip them off

I ride flats on the street and when doing DH type stuff although I use spd's for that sometimes as well, normally only when dryer

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