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How to use Strava?
We rode several segments yesterday which Strava didn't pick out for me but did for others. Leafy Trail No1 being one. My route looks smoothed-out in places. Might come down to the processing involved in different GPS units, sample rates for example. I guess atmospherics play a part, though I find it hard to imagine atmospherics affecting the GPS recordings of two riders riding on the same ride.

That being said, we also rode "The pits...Man" but it was a very different route compared with the route taken by owner of the KOM.

So yeah... still stupid Strava.

Anyone know how to pronounce Strava? With the first half rhyming with car, chav, or ray?
To see all your times for a particular segment, view the segment and click the "My Results". This is from a PC don't know about mobile apps.
St raaaaaa v'a

GPS pass, bad sampling rate, positioning, entering trail offline so didn't think you did all of it etc. If yours has autostop turn it off else at this time of the year it might keep thinking you aren't moving then it picks you up again later as speed increases. Strava will see these gaps and void that part
Met a Strava rider today up Kings stopped me and asked were is this Downhill Route!!!!! after turning his map round the right way pointing him in the right direction (which was in the opposite direction) and telling him it wasnt really a downhill route more a slope. I asked him what he was running strava on, which brought on a face drop as he had left his phone in the car and that he wont go back and get it as his knee hurt as he had fallen off in the car park. I feel guilty now as I didnt encourage him to join the forum...
New Strava layout is terrible.
"General Sparks" Wrote:New Strava layout is terrible.


I don't cope well with change
"DaisyDaring" Wrote:+1

I don't cope well with change

The elderly do tend to get stuck in their ways.
Big Grin Indeed.  Beautifully put General...

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