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New Rear Mech
ok as ive said i now need a new rear mech and just have a few questions.  is it worth buying a more expensive one? or as i seem to break them easily is it worth stockpilling in cheap ones so when one does go wrong i can cheaply replace it.  Weight doesnt bother me as im a fat lump myslef  Wink

any suggestions ? must be 1:1 pull actuation and i have sram x4 shifters if that makes a difference  Undecided

PS : if anyone has one knocking around i dont mind buying it from them
I'm very happy with my XT shadow and LX mechs.  Not sure about compatibility with SRAM shifters though
I've always ran shimano, however my bike came with the ram x.9 stuff and i have to say....I'm converted. Although the x.9 doesn't look as fancy as the x.0 it works fantastically, i've done some reasonably hard going rides and it's held up well (touch wood), shifts well in the mud too which i found the shimano stuff struggled a little in but that may have been due to other factors!

If your worried about breaking it have a look around on the forums and ebay and see what you can pick up!

ok at the risk of sounding stupid ... can i ask whats the difference between cage lengths ? im lost in the world of whether i need a short cage medium cage or long cage  :B
I think the general rule is if you have 3 chainrings up front you'll need a long cage rear mech
ok cheers for that nick
ok im looking at some of the sram mechs on CRC

what advantages do the higher end models have over lower end ones, say a x7 mech vs an x5 one ?
To kind of hijack/resurrect this thread, after cleaning my bike TWICE yesterday from the mire of Bedgebury getting into EVERY nook and cranny, its looking like my rear mech is nearing the end of its employment with me.

Ive managed to get some twine or fishing line wrapped in the jockey wheels and its properly embedded right in the bearings.

Its still functional, but seems a little tired and seen far better days (it is 3yrs old afterall)

Can anyone advise on my next new mech? Current mech is Shimano LX (original from my XTC!)

Im guessing I need a similar Shimano 9spd (long cage??)

What's SHADOW all about?

Advice most welcome chums.
coorrr its month of the failing mechs  Big Grin first mine, then mikes has gone, now bens is going  Big Grin

as for shimano i dont have a clue  Undecided
Get a shadow XT. The shadow mech's are the same as Shram in that there is only the one tension spring, so the top part is fixed and dosn,t bash the hell out of the chainstay, plus it's a lot lighter and the XT looks way better than the SLX. Cheapest i'v seen them is from Merlin, think mine was about £45.

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