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Breezer - Sasha and Digweed are playing at Godskitchen (Air, Birmingham) on 23rd May if you fancied reliving the old days!!

Just booked my tickets for Armin Van Buuren's 'State of Trance' radio show.  Can't wait!!

Slight gripe though.  Ã‚£20 ticket - no problem.  Ã‚£2 booking fee for an online transaction - slightly irritating but i'll live with it.  Ã‚£1 delivery charge for a emailed e-ticket!!!  Grrr!   >Sad
Will have to see if I could tie it in with a scheduled trip up to Evesham where my lot bought a new company that I now do remote support for. I need to go up there at some point but keep putting it off

£1 to send an email....if I got £1 for every email I sent each day I would be a millionaire by the end of the year  Big Grin
I know - its shocking!  On principle I'd rather pay a £3 booking fee than be charged extra for delivery of an email!  Ah well i can't wait so its all good.  Now do i wear this


or the classic graphic equaliser shirt??



These are a must

Haha, loving the clobber Nick! I did two years of hardcore clubbing and it nearly killed me, wouldn't have changed it for the world though. Was more into my Hard House than anything else really, used to make all my own outfits and was what was technically known as a crasher kid! Got some hilarious photos sitting in a cupboard but sadly for you lot i don't possess a scanner so they shall remain there!

Spotify is brilliant, been using it for quite a while now and telling everyone i know to use it too. Still missing some stuff, but in general it is pretty good for listening to albums you might not want to download.
"Legless" Wrote:Got some hilarious photos sitting in a cupboard

You mustve been mashed to be sitting in cupboard!  ;D

Those days are long gone for me now, I have some very good (if someonehwat hazy) memories - We was more your Speed Garage and DnB ravers, although after a rather illegal hard-house event, I swiftly swapped over as it was much cooler!
Haha funny how most people have some dark dingy clubbing past LOL. I try and go once a year to a big event just to remind myself of why i loved it and also why i stopped. Last time i went to Creamfields i spent most of the night in the Hard House tent and was somewhat shocked as to how much harder it had got. Funny as still. There was a guy there playing called Mark EG, never heard anything quite so hard, or seen anyone quite as mad. He really looked like he was having the time of his life as he hid behind his decks, leapt off the speaker stack and generally messed about while playing records.

In this clip he is just dancing, but he is still as mad as eggs!

Last year i went to South West 4 which was really good the year before, but this year it was all Progressive House music at Bedrock, which is just about the dullest thing to hit your ears ever... No plans to go anywhere this year though, might just go out in London one random evening if someone good is playing.
Lol Mark Eg is a nutter nutter nutter nutter!  There's a track he did that pretty much defines my second year at uni but i can't for the life of me remember what it is.  Shame.

You're welcome to come along to something a bit less hard house if you fancy a change for your once a year trip Rou Tongue
Might well take you up on that Nick... I found another video of Mark EG on you tube and he was waving a prosthetic limb around, then he started chewing on it. :o
a REAL nutter chews one off and then waves it around...
Keep it foolish...
Drugs are not big or clever kids..........

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