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like itunes but with every song ever, and you pay nowt, just stream a playlist of your choice. like radio but you choose what you want to listen to.

i have just chosen.

straight outa compton
the libertines
a very nice drum and bass compilation

truly awesome website/application. download it. there are even obscure bands what you thought you were cool because only you knew who they were...
Keep it foolish...
Checking it out now, surely cant be legit to stream new songs? Anyway, front page bit had Miley Cyrus and Mansun, cant get much different heh, im in a wide open space.....
Seems to have most Girls Aloud tracks as well. Excellent.
100% legit as the songs are paid for by advertising, but they are very minimal and only 20 seconds long every few songs. not too intrusive, well worth using
Keep it foolish...
wow it does seem to have a lot, even has the amazing classic the Qat Collection Vol.2 by Sasha, 1994 excellence
Doesn't have the all time definitive house album though  These used to sell for about £100 on ebay but available for £30 odd now

John Digweed from hastings I might add heh
"Breezer" Wrote:Doesn't have the all time definitive house album though  These used to sell for about £100 on ebay but available for £30 odd now

John Digweed from hastings I might add heh

Didn't have you down as a Sasha or Diggers fan Breezer!  Have you heard Involver 2 yet?  Worth a listen.  Its in my car alongside Transitions 4.  Not bad but a little harder than the more trancey stuff i prefer.
Got converted to house/trance during my 2nd year of uni back in um 96 (oh dear god so old) by 2 house mates who bought some decks and we had some house parties etc. All I really listen to although will tolerate the odd bit of quite a variety of other genres. Got quite a lot of stuff on CD that ive bought and then a shed load more I have 'aquired' on the computer

Not heard Involver 2 yet which I noted is a global underground release, got quite a few of them.

Did a bit of clubbing when at uni but due to the people I hung out with before and after, not really been to as much as I would like. Couple of amazing nights spring to mind. One was Southampton uni visiting my sister when Paul Oakenfold was playing. Some of the stuff he likes is a bit fast paced but it was still a great night and it had nothing to do with getting my tonque down my sisters ginger podium dancing housemates throat on the dance floor either  Big Grin

The other one was at Fabric in London. Fabio and Grooverider (pre jail lol) were playing which was just mad, I do like the odd bit of DnB, then in another room was this crazy person mixing across 3 decks which was amazing to watch. The real reason I went though was because Groove Armada were doing a set (shook Andy Cato's hand at the end), followed by James Lavelle from Unkle which was equally obscene!
I've heard a couple of the James Lavelle GU promos which were pretty good - especially Barcelona.  Some chilled out stuff and also some really dirty beats.  Good stuff!  The last Nick Warren GU release i heard is also good.  Couple of years ago now, think it was GU30 (Paris?? ).  Eelke Klein's 8 bit era was a standout track.  I download his podcast now alongside about a million others.

Generally i find GU a little slow paced and prefer the uplifting trance tunes you associate with A&B, Van Buuren etc but it's always good for a change.  A mate of mine that i'm going to see Van Buuren with in a few weeks has pretty much every GU release going all neatly lined up on his bookcase.  He's a bit anal like that  Big Grin

Sounds like a good night when you saw Oaky Wink

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