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:'(had a great ride on the south downs yesterday. sadly my front wheel washed out at thirty mph on long fast dubletrack descent. managed a displaced fracture of my riight arm, dislocated shoulder, broken left hand and a deep slice in my knee. currently awaiting an op at chichester hospital.
great ride though!
i think "ouch" is tthe only word that is needed here  :o

sorry to hear that you've damaged some stuff, how long do they reckon your off riding or is it to early to say?
"TooYoungToKnow" Wrote:i think "ouch" is tthe only word that is needed here  :o

sorry to hear that you've damaged some stuff, how long do they reckon your off riding or is it to early to say?

cheers. the arm has to be plated and screwed but no idea as to how long. titanium plates and screws will be nice though!
Mate that is gutting.  Must have been damn painful.  Wishing you a speedy recovery!!
Bad luck Blackers!!!   Hope you feel better soon....  and don;t forget to get a copy/steal/photograph the X-rays Wink
That sucks and the worse bit is dead right shoulder and dead left hand so I hope you have a lady friend to help you out Sad

Having been unable to ride for 18+ months before due to a bad collar bone snap which they refused to pin, make sure you get physio as soon as possible. They refused to give me any for a year and the muscles just start dying straight away which was the worst bit for me. Get swimming as soon as you can. I looked stupid at first as my right arm was doing a tiny doggy paddle as thats all I could move it but eventually it improved.

My fastest ever crash was on the downs at about 40mph. The initial cause of it was due to having to beat my friend down the hill to prove a point as he had just bought better forks but the main problem was that I used a berm as a launch ramp instead of going round it for no reason other than a total lack of skill. God knows how far I flew, landed on the front wheel and went over but so, so, sooooooo luckily, I landed in the worlds biggest bramble patch/bush. I had a fleece on so got away with about 1 cut on my leg. If it hadnt been there I would have rolled and snapped for quite a way!
sorry to hear about you accident, that sucks, wishing you a speedy recovery...
Keep it foolish...
op has now been rescheduled for tomorrow. grrrr
my only memory of the fall is hitting my head very hard. but my helmet soaked it all up. dread to think what would have happened without it.
i never ride that fast normally...the south downs seems to egg you on!
broken hand is luckily right on the knuckle of my little finger, leaving me three fingers to work my mobile!
Sorry to hear that blackers, i hate injurys with a passion having suffered lots and lots myself.

I have plates and screws on both arms on both the radius and ulna, ive had them for about 8/9 years now and only get bother from them if i hit the plates hard on something. If they ask if you wish to get the removed do it, i wish i got mine removed, its to late for me now as bone has grown over them. They cause me no bother but its just the fact of having a bit of metal in me that annoys me.

Hope you heal fast and are not in to much pain. Get the morphine in you!
Which bit were you riding?  There are some long fast descents all the way along!  Great fun  8)

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