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Video editing
Hi geeks,

I need to split some .mov files so i can post some of my "extreme" riding vids from Bedgebury yesterday.  The only stuff i can find is free trial rubbish that has limited functionality until you buy the whole product.  Virtualdub seemed to be my saviour until i realised it doesn't recognise .mov so i need something good to convert my files to a different format or to split them directly

Any suggestions?
I use this:

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For converting any movie for my iPhone.

Its free and converts most formats to another - some tinkering maybe required for quality purposes.

Its 100% Free.
try ', usually good for searchable free downloads
Keep it foolish...
Thanks guys - finally got there after all manner of codec and decompressor related fun  :Smile
Avidemux loads mov fine on the Linux version at least. Windoze may have codec issues. Very similar to virtualdub but allows you to append multiple clips together far easier which is why I use it although virtualdub is a bit better with filters
I have to admit a lot of the codec / decompressor / stuff you guys just said goes above my head but i've downloaded a few bits and pieces and its all working just nicely Smile
funny you should put this thread up today, i just got a new webcam so I can show you my ti I mean my gf bought me a wicked helmet cam which arrived today. I have just videod the kitchen. It's awesome! (both the kitchen and the cam) wait till I get some lame riding footage of me stumbling over all sorts of stuff, before coming to a heap at the foot of whatever hill, drop, singletrack, commute I happen to find myself on...
Keep it foolish...
What model did you get? (kitchen of course!...  Wink)

Ive been looking at helmet cams, but Im a right stickler for good quality footage from my porn days for viewing.

I believe Russ here has the best setup, IIRC an old MiniDV camera and a bullet cam - some of his footage is great.

I also make a mean video montage, so wouldnt mind getting one...

If anyone has any tips or advice on what to look for, I may just get the credit card out.
Yes, seperate bullet cam and some form of recorder device, there are lots of generic chinese solid state mp4 recorders with video in now that would suffice. All of the "cheap" all in one solutions are pretty poor with bad quality, camera shake etc. I have a £300 vHoldr which I managed to get work to buy for a project that then went dead (lol). Ok its pratical but its shakey until I do post processing on it plus its horrendous in the dark ie darkish woods (um!) and to top it off it has no image stabilisation (none of the cheaper ones do). I mounted my £100 digitcal camera on my bike using the clamp from my competition car and the video with that was brilliant, no shakes, lots of colour, smooth so why are all the "action sports" cameras so rubbish!
I think I'll still be looking at £200 for a SH camcorder and a half decent bullet cam - some of the solid state recorders are expensive.

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