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Big TV debate
No, not what you're thinking of Breezer....

Looks like we need a new tv soon.

I currently have sky sd and will be wishing to firstly get sky hd as the rest of this query will be pointless otherwise.

I'm looking for a good tv, approx 50 inches for wall mounting, is led the way to go, or stick with LCD or plasma?

Currently got 42 LCD on the wall which is about 6 yrs old now (ancient!!)

Been that long since I needed to look for one, some top tips welcome.

I'm not interested in 3d if that helps..

Over to the geeks.....
I was alarmed to hear recently that plasma TVs are double the electricity costs - in comparison to LED.  May be worth considering...!
Richer Sounds
And JohnLewis will price match.
And it's only a TV and people claiMing that they can see every minute difference in screens and the sound from the speakers and blah blah geeeeeeeeeek are crazy  Wink
Forgot to mention... John Lewis is definitely the place to purchase, since as well as price match they guarantee their TVs for *5* years - all included ;D
Buzz the Sky boy to the forum please Tongue

He will probably change his mind but I believe he rates the Panasonics at the moment.
I still think plasma gives the best picture. They are more cinematic and natural looking, panning tends to be smoother and contrast is better than the others. LCD still suffers with poor blacks IMO due to the back light and LED is too artificial looking, like the gamma is way too high. When we were looking just over a year ago you couldn't get round it in the settings. It depends what you look for in a TV, if you are fussy about picture quality (you can't be as you still have SD Wink ) then plasma is still the winner, if you want something thin and pretty (chassis wise) then get an LED. LCD is bottom of the pile and i would avoid. All in my opinion as i am fussy about picture quality and smoothness. And Blackers- There is a massive difference between a good and a bad TV, especially in terms of smoothness playing HD as some screens tend to struggle with the frame rate. You are just not looking hard enough Wink
I can't help with any specific TV's as i haven't kept up to date since getting ours, but i am very impressed with our 50" 3D Samsung, and their new picture frame screens look very impressive. LG and Panasonic would also be high on my list to demo.

It seems like last year that you were asking this very question, has it been 6 years already?!
It's gotta be a that long since I looked before. Our LCD has awful quality in dark scenes, unwatchable infact.

I saw a friends samsung smart led TV and loved it, but I can see that's its very bright and vibrant.

Hd sky is a must, no point buying a fangle dangle tv if not going to put a decent picture through it.

I'm not a fan of sky's practices or fees, but I guess I have no alternative choice (virgin not available here and we want sky sports anyway)
Don't bother spending silly money. Anything under £700 will be fine. Samsung do good panels and have a nice thin bezel. The trick is to set it up properly. Get a DVD or blu-ray setup disc to help adjust brightness and colour Settings and so on. You could probably find one on the internetz
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Treaclesponge kills the thread with perfect words of wisdom. Thus creating the first ever "What should I buy?" from BMJBOY to not hit 10 pages.  Tongue
"Blackers" Wrote:Treaclesponge kills the thread with perfect words of wisdom. Thus creating the first ever "What should I buy?" from BMJBOY to not hit 10 pages.  Tongue

Believe that and you'll believe anything Wink

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