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Hey guy's, now although i do love my trance frame, I would like a little more travel, ideally 5-6". I know a couple of you guy's have the commencal meta frames. There is no way i can afford a new one so i'd have to buy second hand although i would look for an immaculate frame.
Although i've heard they ride very nicely, i have also heard that they are prone to cracking?? Is this an ongoing fault, where do they crack and have they been sorted for 09?

Mark's (Deadpool's) frame is an 09 and that cracked on the shock top mount, the rocker link and around the bottom bracket i believe, and is currently waiting for his warrantee replacement. Russ (Buzz) is on his second, which has another small crack on the rocker link plate again. I know they both love their meta's and intend sticking with them, but personally i wouldn't if you are into serious all mountain style riding and like big drops and jumps etc, which from your swinley pictures appears to be the case. Russ was considering an Orange Alpine 160 while waiting 5 years for his replacement to turn up, which i think looks like a cracking frame, and was equal winner in the all mountain group test in last months MBR. If i could afford it at the time i would have got that over the enduro.
"Treehugger" Wrote:Russ was considering an Orange Alpine 160 while waiting 5 years for his replacement to turn up, which i think looks like a cracking frame

Hope not - then it'll be no better than the Metas Wink

[Christ i'm bored!!!]
Lol Big Grin
I wouldnt buy a second hand one, you wont have a warranty.

They are amazing bikes but have some quality control issues.
Thanks guy's, as i suspected i'll give them a miss, i'd be stuffed if a 2nd hand one cracked! A friend has an orange 5 which rides lovely, he picked it upv cheap second hand, almost new! Might be worth looking for something like that i guess. No rush though as i like the giant but would ideally have a bit more travel!


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