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Look I know you lot are blokes but I cannot get used to my saddle that came with the bike (a women's one).  Do
you know of any good local shops that have a decent stock selection to try or even better any that do a "try before you buy" demo scheme?  It's not really something you can buy off the net.  Help
Herbert's in Whitstable used to do demo WTB saddles, but not sure if they did any ladies ones, and that was a few years ago.
I know how you feel.. The saddles on both my bikes make me feel really old, and bloody sore!

What about a gel cover? Not great once they get wet as they hold the moisture and take a few days to try out, but sure as hell make life alot more comfy!
Either that or a gel seat.. But personally U think they feel harder than my current seats!
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o
Having a good seat and padded shorts is the best combination.

Ive got a Charge Spoon seat  - which has pretty much won every test out there hands down, and it much liked by everyone (including me!!)

Its really reasonably priced too.

Im not sure whether women require a different style, but I can vouch the Charge Spoon is a great seat.

Then, get some decent padded shorts and you'll be good for a whole day in the saddle.

Oh, and time on the saddle also helps as you seem to get used to the pain somehow(?)
Find somewhere that sells Specialized saddles as I believe they are available in different widths and a decent shop should also have something to measure the distance between your sit bones to ensure you get one thats the right size. No idea how they actually carry out this measurement, just heard of it before!
+1 for the Charge Spoon, but on really long rides without using but cream i still tend to get saddle sore. I bought an SDG Bel Air on Monday and we were riding about 5 hours and i had no problems at all and could even be more comfortable than the Spoon. I believe they do women's versions of both too.
The women's charge spoon is caled the ladle (he he) and i know someone who might have a brand new one for sale if you're interested.  She bought it to replace her Bonty saddle and didn't like it not looking quite as good (and not having Bontrager written on it) so its sat unused as far as i know.  If you buy it from Wiggle don't forget to click the Wiggle banner at the top of the page so the site gets a commission!!

I think Downlands mentioned something about saddle fitting a while back
Just been to Downlands and come away with one of their Selle Italia demo saddles.  Hoping to get sorted
before the NDW ride.
ok my turn now for a new saddle after my selle italia one is trashed  :Smile

needs to withstand my weight and be comfy on my fat arse  :B, looking to spend no more then £30 so any suggestions ? are charge spoon saddles any good ?
Glad you bumped this Steve, I was about to get around to looking for new saddles myself and couldn't remember the one Andy suggested.

Great minds think alike! (I was gonna find this thread too, but couldn't be arsed)
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o

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