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Jump bike
I'm looking for a 2nd hard jump bike that I can convert to single speed, but cant find any decent forums where people sell bikes. Do any of your guys know where to try?
Have you tried <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w --> ?  They hav a very active classified section.  Otherwise bikeradar might be worth a look.  Or eBay?
Also try <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=";&nbsp;">;&nbsp;</a><!-- w --> They have a large classified section and there is quite a big dirt jump contingent on there so should find plenty of jump bikes.  If you get one can you join us on a Swinly ride so i can have a go on it in the jump gully Wink

Oh you have to register on there to get into the classified forum.
ebay, can get tons of decent enough old dmr's, azonics etc for £300 or less
This has got me thinking of building up the Inbred as a singlespeed. God what am i thinking :o
I wouldnt bother as a singlespeed, to much strain on the knees but you should build it up again, its great having a hardtail to just hack around on, leave the flat pedals on it etc. I was getting a bit wound up with it but thats because it was my main bike for a couple of months and it was slow, heavy and painful as no rear suspension but now I like it again. Had a good street ride with friends last night pratting around on it, jumped off some walls and even managed to get up on a bench at one point
just a few off the top of my head that would be good looking at :

giant STP's had for mere pennies brand new - <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... egoryID=11</a><!-- m -->

at £300 that is a great buy ! ive heard of them being used for everything up to freeride ! and even the odd occasion of the person saying they shoved the seat right up and XC'ed on it  Undecided

i assume you know the rules about having tensioners? if not, if you have vertical dropouts on the bike, then you will either have to run a half link chain or a chain tensioner, its much easier to go with the tensioner though for the fact that with a half link chain you will have to find that "magic ratio" and even then you will be constantly mucking around with it as the chain stretches out.

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