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RC Cars
Yes electric. Not an expert unfortunately heh.... most of it comes down to supplied power and timing. They are sensored so the speed controller can see the exact timing from the brushless motor the whole time. You have the punch rate which applies the initial voltage, the boost can then apply more via inline large capacitors (think kers in F1...) then the "turbo" advances the timing and with this you can set the rpm it starts, how much throttle ie I have it set to 20,000 and after 0.2secs full throttle, you then set the max degrees it can advance and the speed it gets to this ie how many degrees it advances per 0.1 secs, ie think spool speed in a normal turbo

Have to be careful as easy to overheat the motor and esc, the latter has a thermo safeguard, motor doesn't so could burn it out, not put the settings too high for now to avoid this plus I'm new to the 4wd class so learning how to drive them...

I know from my 2nd time outside on the tarmac when I had someone increase the turbo advance, I actually found it worse than before as it had more lag, it must have lower the advance rate or simply my motor couldn't take it and backed off a bit
What is this madness D? boost mapping on an electric motor? things hawe come a long way since my Tamiya with a Schumacher Ultra Stock I can see. Ha, an ultra stock sold for £10 on ebay a little while back, think i might dig mine out
Keep it foolish...
They are quite advanced....this is mine (bought 2nd hand), going to be quite a while before I can tell the difference with chassis flex settings!

This has to be the ultimate, check out the name....(although not the quickest in competition yet)
These are running quicker motors than we do here but gives you an idea(!!), a 4 times world champ drives at Eastbourne, I do not beat him...

[media width=500][/media]
Undriveable atm, time to back it off, reprogramming..

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Less than 1 minute ago" />   
Got talked into doing a round of the BRCA Clubmans couple of weeks back, second tier national series split north/south I believe ie well out of my depth, expected to be last but qualified 32nd out of 39 somehow, 2nd on the grid in the D finals. First final I understeered off on the first corner into the fence due to cold warm up laps allowed unlike club meetings and I don't have tyre warmers, clawed my way back to 5th by the end. Second final I took it easier off the line, dropped to 3rd, got back up to 2nd then once the tyres got up to temp I set off after the leader. Started reeling him, commentator going a bit mad on the tannoy(!!), got within half a sec and he made a mistake, I took the lead, unbelievable nerves kicked in like the first time I risked a fart after recovering from food poisoning but held on for the last 2 laps to take the win. 3rd overall in my finals, local Mayor turned up....  Found my car much like it's owner, is morbidly obese, 1508g when the min weight limit is 1350g ie about 12% overweight, not good and using DR Logic I have concluded I would have won the A final if my car was lighter Wink

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Less than 1 minute ago" />   
Brilliant. Nice work Darren, love a bit of rc action, wish there was a club or venue near here.
Ta. There are some around, offroad at Barham, indoors on carpet near Folkestone (smaller cars only) then again carpet at Tonbridge running touring cars like outdoors at Eastbourne. Maritime raceway in the Chatham dockyards I have been to a couple of times, 2 halls permantely setup, one for touring cars, one for buggies with wall ride etc, seperate cafes, shop and so on, get 50+ going every week, I didn't realise how big it was. There is another tarmac track at Goodwood just West of Rye but they tend to run larger scale only.

Eastbourne and Tonbridge ones have loan cars which is how me and my friend first got into it in the front wheel drive class

On Sunday before the DH at Fort William I was watching the European Touring Series streamed live in HD via youtube from Luxemburg, they could definitely drive better than me!
First of the A finals from that event, click to youtube for better quality

[media width=500][/media]
Awesome going Breezer, reading the race report was tense enough so must have been even more nail biting on the day.  8)
I didn't realise how hi-tech racing was. Tyre warms? And remapping? If there was this much fettling to be done where's sailor Undecided  
Again great going, looks loads of fun.

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