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More Power Captain!..
Fellow Geek-o-philes.....

Im wanting to carry a power pack to give more juice to a mobile phone or my GPS unit when out and about.

Ive seen (but now cannot find) a battery pack (bit like a mini RC car battery pack) with a Mini-USB lead coming out of it - this would then charge/externally power a device.

My Garmin Edge 305 is no good for anything over about 2hrs constant use - and Im reading that replacing the internal battery is either impossilbe or mega expensive via Garmin.

Im thinking get one of these external power packs.

Anyone know where/what/why/how these things are or where to look?

All im finding are devices which charge batteries via USB (Im looking for the reverse of this)
What? I will take a look but I thought all those Garmin things ran for 10+ hrs? Should be way more seeing as they cost about 10 grand! My ancient old windows mobile will do 6-7 hours with bluetooth on and talking to the bluetooth gps module on my head which lasts even longer!

Just found this amazing site called Google which helps you find things  Big Grin Tongue|countryGB

but probably cheaper to buy one of my phones etc with proper OS maps
I heard of google - they seem quite popular.

I think my searching for "USB charger" was giving me some wrong ideas - plus if I do anything like that on Ebay I get a gamut of hong-kong nastyness.

Its odd, the garmin "CAN" last for ages, but I never get 2 rides out of it, I always have to charge it.

My latest routine is to charge it via the mains when its dead to give it some proper juice.  Maybe the few years of it plugged into USB for untold lengths of time have worn the batteries condition.

Why o why dont they just have a battery compartment/cover like 90% of everything else!!?!?!
You said 2 hours above and now 2 rides, I thought you did long rides heh?

My phone being old has the issue that the backup tiny battery is dead so if I let the main one go flat it dumps everything and does a clean windows mobile reinstall when it next has power ie I lose memory map etc hence I had to turn it off at the weekend after the second lap of Bedgebury

Does it actually go flat and turn off or just it says it has no battery left as there is a difference. If you keep it plugged into usb etc it should be fine but the calibration might go off. Every couple of months you should let it run flat and turn off, recharge full and leave it going for a bit longer and repeat that but with time batteries do give up, my laptop gets about 20 minutes at the most now after 18 months, was 2 hours to start with

Yes, bit like the useless fashion statements that are iphones.

This reminds me that my digital camera battery is so dead it wont even charge and the el cheapo one off ebay lasts about 20 shots which isnt much good.
My comment about 2hrs or rides is that if left alone OFF, the GPS is useless on the next ride.

For instance, I was at bedge for about 3hrs in all on Saturday, and I know fully that the GPS will be good for nothing when turned on say a couple of days later, although the battery meter says 75% full upon turning off - so battery conditioning seems to be the talking point here.

My problems are not usually in it turning off, its more turning on if left for a period of time.

I think I wil leave it on and run it down, give it a mains charge overnight, drain again etc.

I think I read somewhere that a factory reset of the device helps as it loses its way with knowing its battery level.

Either way, I still want one of those external jobbies - especially for the enduro, as Im a stats-geek, I want every one of my laps recorded!!
No idea how long it would last but probably a reasonable time with a decent 2500mah battery but I had something like this until I put it in the washing machine, could cable tie it on your bars easily next to the garmin
Better as two AA's and looks bit stronger

"Any phone using a mini USB connector as the charger (eg most current PDA's eg O2 XDA's) "  so should work with Garmin?
I need one which has a cable going to the connector as the GPS mount is cable tied to the stem and the connector is on the back.

Thats the thing Im after though.

Have yu used Best Offer Buy before? - ive not, looks a lot like Deal Extreme.
Think I will get one and chuck in my camelbak as it even comes with a Samsung adapter so it will work with my phone, old phone/mapping and bluetooth gps module, excellent if any about to go flat or need to make emergency calls etc

It looks like the adapters plug directly into it so you would need a mini usb extender lead which I cant find with a brief search but probably out there somewhere. Never used best offer before
This little fella looks like it'll do the trick:>

My Edge 305 cant need much power as its only a LCD screen.

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