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spds or flats?
Hey guy's, since coming off a trials bike I bought my first ever set of spd's, and i like them! I'm comfortable pushing my riding in them etc but there are times when it gets a bit loose and i would like to dab in a hurry, something not amazingly easy in spd's unless i un-clip beforehand!
I'm thinking of trying flats for a while but obviously a decent set of pedals & shoes isn't going to be cheap! What are you guy's runningfor all mountain type stuff. I haven't ridden on flats for a while so can't really remember what the up hills were like with them but most seem to think it's no where near as nice!
Chances are i'll go and buy myself some new shimano mp66 shoes and stick with the spd's but i'm interested to know if there are certain times when you guy's change to flats or if you have found them good for climbing etc?


5.10s and V8s

5.10s are amazing and you wont find a shoe that compares, they are worth the money imo. Any one that comes on here and says there skate shoes or walking boots are good have obviously not tried 5.10s.

The v8s are crap, ive serviced them once already and they are still awful, they also have a very small platform and have a high profile. Luckily ive only got size 8 feet so get away with the platform but i am planning on changing soon, grip wise they are fine but thats mainly due to the 5.10s.

Pedals im changing looking at

Kona Wah Wahs

Superstar Nano techs

Wellgo MG1

The nano techs look very good, only 17mm thick and a big platform.

I first started riding on spds have progressed onto flats, not for the reason of being scared of clipped in but for the reason of being able to move around on the bike and push myself harder with the easier option of bailing. Ive started jumping/dropping more and being clipped in had its disadvantages.

Descents are much better

Climbing is less effcient but hey i dont care as long as i get to the top because then i can come back down again. Technical steep climbs were alot more difficult for a while untill i learned to spin fast on flats, i was always very good at technical climbs in spds and lost it for a while when first on flats, but its back to normal now.
thanks buddy, tempted to splash the cash now as i will always have my spd set-up to revert back to. A friend cant praise the 5.10 shoes enough either although they may be out of my price range. Was thinking of getting last years shimano mp56 shoes as they are the ones designed for flats and not too expensive.

I'd go for the wellgo mg1s as i ran them for 3 years when i ran trials and i got a nearly a year out of each set!

Thanks again.

Plus 1 for the 5.10's and Wah Wah's

Will be useing my clips when doing normal trail stuff, but change to flats when pushing myself and doing jumps/drops.
Got the superstar ones, not ridden them yet but they look to be very good.
I only use spd's for xc rides due to dodgy hamstrings but for playing around and up the local woods etc I use flats on the Inbred. I could do with some new ones as I have some V8's but size 12 feet so some bigger pedals would help plus I like the idea of lower profile ie like yours. Also need new shoes though as the ancient trainers I was using have now worn through, more spending sigh
nice pedals russ  8)

sorry to hijack the thread....

how much am i looking at to fully convert to spd's? : so shoes cleats and pedals ? ive been brewing on the idea for a while now, and now im not doing as much of the jumpy side of riding i might aswell try  :Smile
Lots of the top downhillers use spd's, you just need to get used to them. Price will with anything vary massively. You could get some £20 shoes from one of those supermarkets and some second hand pedals off ebay for a fiver....or spend shed loads on lightweight expensive new stuff.... Most new pedals come with cleats included.
About 70-80ish Steve for spds and shoes.
"Buzz" Wrote:About 70-80ish Steve for spds and shoes.

Agreed if you want a decent setup, otherwise you can get a super cheap setup for about 40-50 quid then spend the 70-80 quid after a couple of months if/when you decide you like them.  Having ridden for over a year with poorly fitting shoes I'd recommend a decent pair from the outset.

That said - Shimano M520 (i think) pedals are great value, although aren't that light.  Spend as much as you can afford on the shoes and try them on rather than buying online.  So, so important.

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