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I'm Back
What an epic weekend in Wales, OK so camping in zero degree's sucked balls at night, but if you drank enough you didn't notice!

Did the whole of Coed Y Brenin covering every bit of trail there is and also spent a few hours doing the Cli Machx trail too. Riding was amazing and Mary was a legend, hitting the downhills as fast as i could and nailing some serious rocky drops. She now reckons she'll p!ss all over the drops and steps at BBH and TBH i reckon she could. Some of the stuff at Coed was super techy and every time i turned round she was there with a smile on her face.

Definitely hard on a hardtail though, those rocky trails really take it out of you. Highlights had to be the series of DH at the end of the Dragons Back at Coed Y Brenin today, slightly spoiled by my lack of front brake. And the DH on the Cli Machx Trail, that thing is mental as. I crashed going into the first of the big berms when my front washed out on some wet rocks. Full over the bars affair and some nasty bruises and gashes but nothing broken. Mary was right on my rear wheel so after laughing, then asking if i was OK, she moaned i ruined her run...

Will put a few pictures up at some point.

We rode everyday for four days straight, that's a definite personal best in my book. Looking forward to laughing in the face of the "hills" we have round here!

See you on Wednesday night!
A damn good trip then!!  I love riding in Wales, such good trails all over the place compared to the limited riding and hills we have here which makes every trip that much more special!
I'll definitely be back!



Such great scenery.

Didn't get many riding shots, as we were to busy having fun. But did get this great shot of Mary coming down a rocky drop...


I was very proud.

Just can't wait to get back there now. Although i am still looking forward to Blean and BBH and all the other delights our area has to offer!
Well that answers my question on another thread regarding where you rode...

Its got me craving a trip tp Wales....

Might even get to ride with you one day... i hope Mary doesn't skin me to badly...  
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
By the looks of it this Saturday at Surrey could be a possible go!

Wales was fantastic Nigel, i know people go on about it, but until i experienced it myself it doesn't really do it justice. The trails are so well marked that you don't need a guide either which is great. Although luckily the couple we went with have been loads so as an added bonus we didn't have to think about where to go too much.

Amazing too that all that riding at Coed Y Brenin will set you back just £3 for the car park. And the Cli Machx, which is out of this world, doesn't even charge you to park.
Yep Saturday looks good, i'm doing the Gorrick race on Sunday so riding Saturday will be a good excuse for being pants on Sunday!!

I rode a couple of trails at Coed y Brenin at Christmas and then did Penmachno, which is great and finished at Coed Llandglea which is just awesome fun...  not got to Cli Machx yet but planning doing a trip in early summer to go there and Nant y Arian, i'll post once i have some dates to see if anyone fancies it.
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
We're back at Afan at the end of May camping there, although Coed Y Brenin has been mentioned a few times.

Pics look great, why dont we all move there and live like hermits on the trails?  Tongue
&quot;BMJBOY&quot; Wrote:We're back at Afan at the end of May camping there, although Coed Y Brenin has been mentioned a few times.

Pics look great, why dont we all move there and live like hermits on the trails?  Tongue
One of my memories of my visits to Coed-Y-Brenin (over 10 years ago :B) was hurtling down a fantastic rocky descent surrounded by some of the best scenery you could ever imagine and seeing, just off the trail, the perfect house :K)  I wanted to buy it there and then, but got married & had kids instead.
Oh well, back to reality. Wink
Joking aside, friend-of-a-friend had a B&B up for sale for very little money in the Afan area, was incredibly tempting to plough in with a few pals as a venture.

But no doubt we'd all go and stay in it and not rake any money back!

As/When my online business gets to the stage where it can technically run itself, I would be looking to do something like that as a sideline.
We did see a few dream pads! But like you say, you could only really run a B and B as there is no industry or work. i doubt they even get a reasonable net connection in a lot of those places so working from home would be tricky too. Although i expect you could get a satellite rigged up.

The new centre at Coed y Brenin was only built 5 years ago, along with most of the new trails, you should revisit Ade, will be a lot of new scenery!

By far and away Cli Machx was epic, can't recommend it enough, the scenery is totally different to Coed and the trail is much faster too, loads of jumps and bits to hit at speed and scare yourself stupid. Once you reach the top you run this fast traverse with a super steep drop of to the side on a trail about 8 inches wide. The view is insane, but sadly you'll be concentrating too much to look up. Then you hit some natural rocks which have no man made route, you just pick a line and try and get over them, we all failed! The final downhill is nuts and slippery when wet, which it was. It is only 15km so you get to the bottom and think, yeah I'll do that again! The only downside of Cli Machx is that while it is well signed, it never tells you which bit is what. To be fair we didn't have a map, and should have done. But had i realised we were doing the final descent i probably would have made more of it. Next time though I'll be prepared!

Looking at the next bank holiday as an option to get back to Wales, and the one after that and so on and so forth!

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