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New Brakes
After a near death experience this weekend i have decided to upgrade my brakes. Currently have Shimano Deore M535's on the front and rear. The Front brake just stopped working altogether today and ever since i got them i have had to constantly tweak them before each ride to get them aligned properly. I bought them second hand and the pistons are sticky as hell and i don't honestly think they were ever right.

Formula Oro's seem to get a pretty good write up and i'm looking at some K18's

The guy i rode with this weekend had a set and couldn't sing their praises enough. Looking like a £200 set up front and back. Anything else i should be considering?

Will be selling some old kite gear on ebay to fund them so the budget may rise.

All recommendations gladly considered.

And no i don't want carbon levers! (maybe i do)
I do like the Avid Elixir brakes which are similarly priced and have £100 off at the moment.  That said last week the front was playing up so i'll be keeping an eye on that.

Hope brakes get good reviews, as do the Avid Juicys.  Merlin seem to have quite a lot off some brake sets at the moment so are worth a look
I am very much bias towards hope. Every hope i have had has performed flawlessly with little maintenance needed. I have had shimano and hayes but none have compared to the quality of hopes. I am currently running mini's and have just fitted a set of the new x2 brakes to a friends bike. Hope warranty is also excellent.

So you guessed it! I recommend hopes!
I still love my Juicy 5's. Bags of power and great modulation, and as long as they have been properly blead you sholdn't really have any problems. I know i'v been moaning about mine recently but that's only because i had to disconnect the hose from the lever on the rear brake to get it on and off of the inbred frame, and because i had problems bleading it it's never been right untill i got Downlands to blead it for me. The Elixir's are efectively the replacement for the Juicy range (although confusingly they are still selling 09 branded Juicy's Undecided) which are more powerful and the pads are much easier to change.
Paul has recently changed from having Juicy 5's for years to Hope's, and although they do look bloody nice (especially his in pinkish red kinda color) i don't think he likes them as much, and other people have told me they feel a bit wooden with not as much modulation as the Juicy's. If you are willing to spend £200 per brake, i'd go for the Juicy carbons with bite point adjuster. I think they are under £200 each. Oh and get a 203mm front rotor, and say goodbye to brake fade forever Wink
"Treehugger" Wrote:Oh and get a 203mm front rotor, and say goodbye to brake fade forever Wink

Or just strap one of these to your front wheel Wink


I don't have brake fade problems with either 185 on the trance or 160 on the XTC.  Andrew Turner - never knowingly underbiked Wink  Just kidding mate, personally i'd go for 185 front and 160 back rotors
I've got juicy 7 carbons, because I'm rad and the ladies love it.

Seriously though, I recommend avid juicys, amazing when setup right but as many of us would agree, they do require attention if they go a bit wrong. Bleeding them is a pain for most people but I can bleed them fine.

When I was looking, Hayes strokers came up a lot, but I chose juicy 7s for the bite adjust, and maybe the carbon!!

My mate recently had a go on my bike and his first comment was "f*ck me your brakes are lethal" in respect of their stopping power nearly throwing him over the front. He pulled 12 women during his short ride due to the carbon levers, nick has the same issues!
All the above brakes are good but Formula are quite simply the best and most reliable...  get em
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
Cheers for the responses guys. Gonna have a good drool today online and then chuck some kite gear on ebay and see what happens.

Have you got Formulas on your Lapierre Nigel?
As and when i get the Lapierre its got Formulas..

I have used many hope set ups as well as shimano, Avid and Magura and the formulas have been the best for feel and power with total reliability followed by the Maguras

I have a set of Formula Puros that i bought for the Whyte, titanium and carbon...  i'll probably put them on the Zesty when i get it and put the Oro K24's that come with it either on another bike or sell em..

Trouble is i don't know when i'm going to get the Zesty as theres been a wobble at work and i need to see what the future holds before getting another bike..

I do have a set of Hope monos i could sell...
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
Have heard rave reviews about Formulas on bikeradar.  But do they have carbon levers?  They really are fanny magnets.

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