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Giant Yukon FX3
Right i am new to the whole mountain biking thing and am looking for a new bike. Ive been reading around a bit on this forum and others, and ive seen a link to the Giant Yukon FX3 which incl postage would set me back £320 and that is really the topend of the budget, this is a full sus RRP £650, or i dont know whether i should get the Saracen Mantra VX, this bike is around the £230 mark and is a hard tail. Just wondering which bike i should get so i can start coming out to blean with you guys.
Connor C
Welcome to the forum mate Smile

For that budget and your level of experience i'd go for a hardtail.  I think Giantalkali (Mike) has that bike or similar and while he likes it i think most would agree you'll get a better specced HT for the cash.  He's already looking at upgrading forks etc.  You can hone your skills on a HT and make the progression to FS further down the line if you choose to.

Worth a look here for a few starters.

Buying online is cheaper but you don't have the support of the shop if anything goes wrong.  Local shops will often do a deal on prices, and there is no substitute for test riding the bike before you part with your hard earned

Good luck and let us know what you decide on!
Hi Connor, you want to get a hardtail at that budget, don't go for a full suspension bike for less than about £1000. Suggestions would be anything by giant, gt or specialized. A good online retailer is paulscycles, but for your first bike I always recommend trying before you buy. The carrera range at halfords is also a good starting point.

Feel free to post your findings on here for any further advice
But the Giant Yukon would be around 650 - 700 usually - is that still too cheap for a decent full suspension
It's being sold cheaply for a reason matey, advice for anyone new is to start on a decent light(ish) hardtail bike. I started on a giant xtc for £350 3years ago and have only recently progressed to a full suss bike.
maybe have a browse on the STW and BR buy/sell section, that way £300 will go much further on a quality used bike, then it would on a brand new bike with cheaper components

usually on cheap bikes the fork is the naff part,  my old vulcan's forks where bad, they didnt have proper seals on meaning i destroyed them in around 4 months with dirt and grit (might of been avoided with frequent matinence).  Some cheap forks still dont have rebound damping, causing the forks to spring back with a jolt which can be quite painful on the wrists and may catch you unaware causing a tumble

from feeling a couple of friends bikes ... the saracens are heavy beasts of a bike, probally a bit to heavy for XC ( no comments about my bike please... andy, breezer, jon that includes you to Wink )

as said before me, carrera are a good brand, i havent had any problems with the banshee that werent caused by me and the only fault on the vulcan was with the forks... maybe stretching your budget a bit, but look at the carrera fury.  Great spec for the price, best value by far then over bikes around that price, tora forks x5/7 gearing all you could need really

remember spend more now and spend less in the future in upgrades !
Im either looking at the
Carrera Vulcan (disk or V spec)
Saracen Mantra
or the Giant Yukon FX3

What do you think
I agree with Steve about the Fury, Tora's are great forks and forks are normally the first thing you upgrade, but with Tora's, you'll get 3-4x more life and performance out of them than you would with some of the shite you get on most bikes at that price range.
X5/7 gearing is good too, so all you need now is a decent set of brakes and your sorted.

Irespective of price, and although it's your choice.. DO NOT buy a bike with either RS Dart 2 forks or SR Suntour forks - You WILL regret it.
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o
Don't forget your budget should allow for a helmet and basic tools and pump, that'll be about £50 roughly for starter kit.
I was looking on Evans cycles and saw this

i was hoping that someone would be able to tell me if it is a good spec or not
Thanks Connor

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