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New Helmet Cam
Following Mike's recent investment in his Oregan Scientific ATC3k and successfull videos, Ive been scouting around looking for something myself.

After much deliberation, I couldnt really go for the expensive "Bullet cam" and MiniDV in the bag option.

I found this little beauty:

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Around the same price, but quality seems to be a bit better, see the comparison vid:

[media width=500][/media]

At the current exchange rate it came in at a round £100 from the USA and Ive also sourced a decent memory card here in the UK for about 2hrs of recording.

If I can get quality like this then I will be very pleased!

[media width=500][/media]

Should have everything up and running withing a couple of weeks and will obviously post my work up!!  ;D
Nice colours but bad full screen shake on bumps but post editing will remove a fair bit of that
Yeh, I think you're gonna get that with pretty much all cameras around that price-range.

Read a lot that they dont recommend mounting the camera directly to the bike (like the second vid was) due to possible shake.

Just need to find a decent movie editor if any of you have any suggestions?

Im pretty good on the standard Windows Movie Maker, buts its well limited, and Sony Vegas didnt do my PC any favours with a dodgy install, so need something reliable.
&quot;BMJBOY&quot; Wrote:Read a lot that they dont recommend mounting the camera directly to the bike (like the second vid was) due to possible shake.

I mounted a camera to my bike once, utterly useless footage.  Just goes to show you how much your arms and legs absob the bumps and lumps to keep your head steady.

Oh, if you want to edit video quickly and easily, get a Mac  Wink
I fitted my £100 digital camera to my bike once and the footage was perfect due to its decent image stablisation. My £300 vholdr that I somehow got work to buy for a project is however no way near as good even when mounted on my head

virtualdub or avidemux if you run a decent OS and then you can use the deshaker filter on your streams
&quot;Breezer&quot; Wrote:I fitted my £100 digital camera to my bike once and the footage was perfect due to its decent image stablisation.

Interesting way of doing it, never thought of trying that before, makes sense as a compact stills camera will be a lot smaller.

The new version of Apples iMovie has a good "shake removal" tool, but it basically crops the image to stabilise it focusing on the centre of the picture.

&quot;Breezer&quot; Wrote:if you run a decent OS

Tongue  I use Windows & Mac, horses for courses.  You'd be hard pushed to come up with a better video editing tool for someone who's never used a video editing package than iMovie IMO.  it's crap for anything other than quick and dirty though.

A mate has just agreed to lend me a helmet cam to take to Afan so I might be uploading clips this time next week ; )
I only did it as a test using the roll cage mount I use in my competition car. I was staggered at how much better it was than the vholdr, got some examples somewhere but im about to fall asleep

The deshaker filter under virtual dub is quite clever as it predicts and smooths itself but you do sometimes end up with black bits due to violent pixel shifts so end up cropping it a bit

I mean Linux, not a ripped off glorified copy of BSD ie OSX  Tongue    but I agree, it does have good simple to use tools for media stuff
&quot;Breezer&quot; Wrote:I mean Linux, not a ripped off glorified copy of BSD ie OSX  

Linux ?  Ok you win the geek contest !   Wink
That Alps vid gave me goose bumps...  i have ridden there and i can't wait to get back this year, not going to Lets Gets though.

As for the video quality i think it looked good and it would have been improved by mounting the camera on the helmet, i look forward to seeing your ids Ben as i'm still undecided on what cam to go for...

Breezer, are you saying that i should forget a proper cam and just stick a camera on my nut....

Please bear in mind i'm not at all techy so simple is good...
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
I have a Mac G5 here gathering dust, I need PC more these days so its become redundant, Im open to offers if anyone wants it....

Most modern digital cameras have good image chips in them and anti-shake technology so they always produce fairly good footage.

However, try dropping one or getting one slightly wet, then you are in a world of trouble.

I saw a guy at bedgebury with one of those Go-pro farce cameras on his head, looks incredibly stupid, you might aswell bolt your decent camera on your head.

Going by the reviews and comments by users, I dont think that the Tachyon XC can be beaten in this price bracket - but only personal use and testing will compare.

Perhaps me and Mike should hook up and put his and mine on the same helmet and have a blast around blean for a like-for-like official Sketchy review.

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