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Organic VS Sintered Pads
Reeto - Just a quick one really for feedback....

Ive been running Sintered Superstar pads for the past 3 weeks due to thats the only ones I had - and Ive got to say, they dont feel as sharp as Organic.

Is that the correct assumption?? or should they have been sharper?

Ive read that Sintered glaze easily under heavy DRY braking, so Im guessing this is what may have occured as its been fairly dry lately.

I get/got on well with Superstar organic, so want to swap back ASAP!

Any comments or thoughts?
I've got Superstar Sintered pads in atm too and my braking is sh!t! I can't endo on an almost brand new (but worn in) pad and generally they feel horrible. That said, during the muddy-ish ride at Surrey they weren't much cop either. Wish I could afford decent pads.
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o
I have Superstar Sintered at the moment and cannot notice any difference to the XTR pads i used to get all the time. Maybe you should try theses
Rubber blocks on the rims... that's where it's at boys Wink
A lot of pad issues are either due to not bedding them in right or contamination due to oil/wd40/muc off etc
I've definitly bed them in right as I've heard everywhere that bedding in sintered is more crucial than organic. I'm just querying the power factor as these sintered don't seem sharp nor powerful in comparison to the organic variety.
Sintered are supposed to be the best I thought although shouldnt be used in closed system brakes as they heat the fluid up to much. I put some in my Hopes that are now on the Inbred and they work well and iirc my old Julies as well. I put a semi metal one in the rear Hope before and that fell apart bedding in as it couldnt take the heat from loads of stops and dragging so had to bin it!  No idea what the pads are in the Zestys Formulas but they are the best brakes ive used!
Sintered are harder wearing and last longer so are good for the winter, they do generate a lot of heat.

organic are softer and give more powerful braking wih better modulation and disperse heat better.

te qrganics are just better all round but wear very quickly in mucky conditions.

sintered for winter, organic for summer
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Seems that way, there's just nothing going on with these sintered pads - they work, but are noticibly different from the organic.

Will be swapping them over on Sunday I reckon when the bike goes into the bikestand for its new mech and shifters, and possibly a little cuddle  Wink
thanks for clearing that up

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