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Get well soon Nigel
I have the unfortunate job of telling you guys the bad news of what happened this morning at Bedgebury. At last minute i had the opportunity to join Mark and Nigel on there Bedgebury ride and meet them at the Freeride area after they had already completed a lap of the singletrack. Mark and myself were riding the northshore and moved onto the Jump line. I lead down the jump line followed by Mark and then Nigel. I jumped the large table top and so did mark, Nigel thought sod it and followed us but got far to nose heavy and with not enough speed. He landed front wheel first on the top and proceeded to flip over the handle bars, falling in a front roll motion down the landing ramp and landing at the bottom hard on his shoulder and head, it was the worse and hardest landing i have ever seen.
He was in pain instantly from the shoulder area and rib cage, his collar bone was definitely broken and he suspects many ribs to. The worse bit that i was really worried about was the state of his helmet and so was the ambulance crew which is why they took no risks and strapped him to a spinal board. his head had some heavy red impact marks. He thought he was ok though and was walking around prior to the ambulance crew getting there.

Nigel was in good spirit throughout and didnt mind me taking a few pics.

Helmet, rear was in pieces and the side was cracked throughout.
Just check out all the cracks on the inside, it did its job well.


Ambulance crew put a sling on and strapped him up!

He was going to get a dashing pink neck brace but it dug into the broken collar bone.

Still waving

Bedgebury staff were very helpful, they called for the ambulance and guided in and out of the forest. Ambulance crew took him to maidstone hosptial.

I hope you get well soon Nigel, its going to be a big shame not riding with you for a while. I hope you heal well and fast, all the best mate. Looking forward to seeing you riding again.

What can i say that Russ that has not , Best of Luck Buddy and hope you get well soon
+1 on the get well vibes from me.

It really does remind you how dangerous the hobby can be at times.
I'm sure he'll keep smiling through the pain Wink
I'm sitting here wincing now.


Hope he mends quickly, I had a relatively lame faceplant on the small tabletop next to that last summer :


Really knocked my confidence TBH.
Good luck Nigel - I tried that area for the first time a few weeks a go, and Ive still not got the bottle to do it.

If any f*cker you come across on any forum says you dont need a helmet, then this is prime example of an occasion when someone's life couldve been saved by one.

Best wishes and speedy recovery.
Thats really bad news Sad   Impressed with the helmet, I mean think how little they cost and yet how good they are at protecting you. Even in a minor crash I would much rather a cheap helmet got a scratch then tear off a load of face skin let alone a much bigger impact than this?

One thing though, has Nigel done that jump before or did he do it blind....?

and most importantly and I mean this in a humourous way speaking from my own experience of snapping my collar bone in Friston Forest, how is his bike? that was the first thing I asked, it was only a few minutes later I realised I coudnt move!  Hmm this was on the ancient hardtail wasnt it? I said it would injure his back Sad
"BMJBOY" Wrote:If any f*cker you come across on any forum says you dont need a helmet, then this is prime example of an occasion when someone's life couldve been saved by one.

couldve  was

When I had my crash, I was lying on my back with blood all over my face and a bunch of 14/15yr olds who had been riding the jumps on BMX's with no helmets came over to see if I was ok.  I said to them "THAT is why you wear a helmet kids"

They probly just thought "OMG WTF n00b !"    Wink
"Breezer" Wrote:One thing though, has Nigel done that jump before or did he do it blind....?


We did the run twice before hand at reasonable speed to check it out. the third time was at full speed. Being cliped in didnt help as he couldnt jump free.

Bike is A Ok.
So did you phone the ambulance straight away or did someone fly down to the cafe/shop area?
ok, good about the bike at least, I was convinced I had snapped my frame when I did mine due to the noise  :X  that last one and one further up before the berms do kick up a bit too violently

I have read everynow and then that some people say you should replace helmets every few years even if they haven't taken knocks, is this just an old wifes tale? Mine has always been kept out of the sun which is another thing I read about and ive only had a couple of minor offs which just put dirt marks on it, nothing worse but it is probably 5 years old or more

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