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Best/cheapest place to buy a 9sp chain please?


I would tell you what Ive done to warrant a new chain, but I get enough stick on here as it is.

Come on Ben, spill the beans!  You know everyone is going to badger you now until you tell us Wink
I reckon he decided to take a couple of links out as it was too long, threw them away then realised he hadnt checked it was long enough to go into 19th   Big Grin

So my chain has snapped twice since I've got it, so a few links out there to rejoin it. Then I built the trance and had to break the chain again....

Then I had the front mech issues which meant breaking the chain more and another 1 or 2 missing links.

The pivotal moment came 3 weeks ago when my chain snapped in the very expensive bedgebury car park. In a rush, my mate andy and I grabbed the chain and reconnected, happy days again.

Ever since, something hasn't been right and only today have I realized that the chain routing is wrong through thearm on the rear mech, rubbing constantly on the little bridge on the arm.

It's also now way too short and putting it on the big front ring causes a complete jam up (recall it happened at blean on the road?)

So, after several weeks of riding, I've finall
Y Sussed my noisy drivetrain!
1: Google Sram Powerlinks!
2: Buy a decent chain, ive never snapped one in my life
3: You may need a new cassette and rings now as well depending how worn they are
I know I know.....

I've had to laugh otherwise it be driving into things for fun.

I'm surprised it lasted this long, but I'm equally amazed how I didn't notice!!
At least you actually routed it through the rear mech even if it was slightly wrong unlike someone on here who forgot to put his through his front mech  Big Grin
I think because I've had so much front mech issues I've disregarded the rear.

Nevermind, mistake made, new chain needed!

So can anyone advise??? Let's stay on topic people!

I'm all shimano (and man!) (that's for all you ladies who love carbon and poor bike mechanics!)
Lets stay on topic.....what about you on about your mates chubby love fetish on the Bedgebury thread  Big Grin

Anyway, I havent bought a Shimano chain in about 15 years so can't help you. Does that help? lol

Get the best you can afford I guess, pay more and will be lighter, CRC seem to be expensive these days, ive bought the odd thing from the whooly hat shop on ebay who were cheaper than merlin etc
That thread got of ages ago when the discussion of children and swearwords came up.

When I get on main pc on Sunday I will show you a fat bird sitting on my skinny mate, it'll scar you forever

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