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Rockshox pike owners....
Hey guy's, looking at going bolt through. Wanting to stick with rockshox and wanting something black in color. Ideally i'd like the revelations but they only come in white & silver. I've seen chainreaction are doing 09 454 pikes in black with u turn for £320. They seem to have all the functions i want.

How do they perform (air version)?? Also do you notice the extra weight?

They work. I had mine serviced and pushed at tf tuned and I honestly cant feel any difference and wish I hadnt bothered spending it at all as the 09 Float 32's on my Zesty just feel so much better plus a lot lighter. The weights not to bad, ive done long XC rides on my HT with them fitted, depends how much you want a light bike. The pikes are stiffer though and have been reliable at least but despite trying for ages, I cannot get them set up to perform how I want. Price sounds good though for new ones considering the ridiculous price increase recently and you wont get anything else new for that amount that works as well.

Er god knows what CRC are doing ie

Rock Shox Pike 454 Air U-Turn Forks - 110-140mm 2009  Ã‚£320
Rock Shox Pike 454 U-Turn Forks 2009 £495   and they are the coil ones as 95-140 u turn so heavier with no adjustment unless you change the spring!

I strongly suspect the air ones are OEM and you might want them to double confirm the colour despite it saying. They often get weird forks in ie I got vouchers in exchange for my returned Manitous and they had a few Fox 32 Vanilla R's with QR15 axle which are OEM only, bought them and sold for a nice profit!
ok cool, i have looked at fox forks again, i had some for a few weeks but to be honest wasn't that impressed as i've found my 09 revs just as plush but no where near as much maintenance!
What was wrong with your manitou's? A friend has some 08 minutes which he's used for 3-4 months and they've been fantastic, tempted by the 140mmtravel minute tpc's they have on there at the moment but a bit hesitant as you don't see many around.

Ive only ever heard of one pair of Fox forks being faulty whereas ive personally had issues with a couple of Rock Shox and don't start me boring you on Marzcochis!

Mine were 08 Minute absolute IT's or whatever they are called, very light, bolt thru 20mm, 140-40 ish travel adjust on the bars. On paper perfect for what I wanted and when they worked were good especially lowering the nose for XC climbs however...

1. From new sunk through first bit of travel if not much air in which was required as 2nd half very stiff, sent back and turned out to be bushings badly sized and they also noted a crack by the axle so replaced all of the lowers
2. Then they started sinking in their travel ie a problem with the travel adjust so sent back again
3. See 2 above
4. After lots of back and forth with those idiots at CRC I got my money back in the form of vouchers as they refused to refund the money. Bought the fox forks I mentioned above (which they dont have now), they then put the price up as mine went on ebay which was lucky so I got a profit. With the rest of the vouchers I got some Hope brakes which they sent without discs. A few days back and forth with them refusing to send them despite me photoing the included manual saying they came with discs I sent them back and they are so stupid, they refunded my bank account which was good for me as no more faffing with vouchers!

I would stick to Fox or Rock Shox, you see more of them round for the simple reason that they work the best and more reliably. If you are talking 140mm you can't beat Fox's and even the coil Vanillas are a lot lighter than Air Pikes but will cost you £200 odd more and even more if you want the floats so although I personally find them much better, the Pikes at £320 are the most sensible option I think
Hang on, you have 09 ie 140mm Revelations and yet you want new forks presumably just to get a bolt thru axle? To be honest I don't know if its worth it, yes the Pikes for example will be stiffer but 3/4 of a pound heavier and for the couple of hundred it will cost you after selling your current forks it seems like a lot to pay for not much of an upgrade. Can your front hub take 20mm via an adapter else thats more cost.
yeah i've just been thinking, not much point for the money i will loose on 09 rev's. That and the fact i have just found the clicking noise when i pedal was my bb on it's way out so i've got to fork out for out of them now! The wheel wouldn't have been a problem as i have hope hoops with the converters at the ready! Ahwell just have to wait now.


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