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So i have this weird squeak from my erm bottom bracket when i pedal hard... I think the noise might actually be the dry wax lube i am using as the noise is only there on the pedal stroke and the bottom bracket sounds fine when you take the chain of the chainset. I'm guessing it could be a squeak from the chain on the rings...

I've got some teflon lube in a can so i'm gonna try that for a bit but just wondered if anyone swears by a particular kind of lube for a silent drivetrain?

Obviously this is a biking question, not a bedtime one...
Is it a squeek or a creek? - I had a creek for ages and it p*ssed me off no end.

For what its worth, I use Finish Line Wet (even through the dry summer)

I used to use White Lightening (Not the budget teenagers Cider of choice) but found the wax in it built up in the places you dont actually want it, so I swapped.

If its the bottom bracket, then you might need to strip it down and give it a damn good lubing with grease!  Tongue
"BMJBOY" Wrote:Is it a squeek or a creek? - I had a creek for ages and it p*ssed me off no end.

I had a creak for a long time that I thought was bottom bracket related but turned out to be my saddle.  I figured out that it only creaked when I pedalled sitting down, out of the saddle it was silent.

When I tightened all the  bits and bobs on the saddle it went away completely.

That'll teach me to be a big lump...
To much power?

I use Finish Line Dry in the summer... its good...

As Ben says, ifs it the bb you are best off stripping and greasing

I had a nasty clunking which turned out to be my knee.... found wearing the pads has dulled itdown enough to forget about!!
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
Cheers guys, i could have reported back if the teflon lube had made a difference yesterday, sadly my gears all slipped so i couldn't ride. Will report back tonight. I took the BB apart last week and re greased, the thing was dirt, but the creak remained. It is definitely only on the pedal down stroke so i am seriously thinking its the chain on the cranks. I've got some wet lube, which never made a sound, so i might give that a crack.
I had to remove and refit the BB on my Turner at the end about 4 times when I got a new one as it kept making a noise. Finally after that last go at it with yet another clean, filing of the threads etc the noise went away
If its definitly a "Creek" Rou with you on the bike, inspect saddle mounts and also seatpost.

My "creek" was coming from there when weight/force was going down on a certain side.

Apparently, one should lightly grease their seatpost in a suggestive manner, Im told.
Covered the drive train in wet lube and guess what, no annoying creeking noise when i pedal... Happy man, dry lube is shite i have now decided, yes you get to have a sparkling shiney chain, but it sounds rougher than a 50 year old fag smoking hooker after a rough night...
Is that speaking from experience?  Big Grin
Im sure any 50 year old fag smoking hooker after a rough night needs some wet lube too!

Lube is the future, Ive tasted it!..   Tongue

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