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This may be OT as its not a bike video but there you are. I dragged the unicycle out of the shed last night after work and went up the woods for a bit. I hadn't ridden it in 6 months, the tyre has no grip and the seatpost seems to be rusted in place so its in cruiser position ie way to high for off road, need to get some oil etc in there to free it up! Not much skill on show but there you are. The wheel bits a bit dodgy but you try riding through a wood on a unicycle whilst holding a camera lol. Video name should make sense if you recognise the music and know a popular mtb video on there Smile

[media width=500][/media]
nice work, I tried unicycle, much harder than it looks!
Keep it foolish...
If its based on 'that' video, I was expecting the unicycling into your house and straight into bed...

Do another one!

good skills, would like to have a go myself, my low centre of gravity should help!  Tongue
Well just a relaxing ride is what I meant.....

I need to get the seat lower. 24" wheel isnt ideal for off road either, its build for speed, 20" is better and you can turn quicker but 24" meant you could ride faster which was useful when playing unicycle hockey and when in goal.....

Lower centre of gravity helps tons on a bike or whatever
I have ridden my friends old giraffe unicycle which is like the below. Home made out of a old shopping bike, was ok until the welds on the freewheel snapped heh. Need a bench or something to get on them!

[media width=500][/media]
Darren i am seriously impressed....

something i've always wanted to try...

does it help when riding normally, the balance etc
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
Ta. I guess it does a bit and vice versa. ie I hadn't ridden it for 6 months but got straight on. The two bits of riding backwards were jerky and clumbsy but in the past ive only managed a few turns before falling off. Only came off once last night and managed to go quite a long way backwards on one attempt which I can only put down to riding the bike more and practising track stands on that etc. Need to free up the seatpost as it will be much easier to ride if I can lower it down a bit. Didn't demonstrate in the video but I can semi trackstand it on the spot by rocking backwards and forwards slightly for as long as I want, much like that bloke on the giraffe one is doing at the end when he's juggling.

and yet I can't hold a wheelie on a bike................  Undecided
Really liked that vid Breezer.  I had a go on a unicycle last week and i was shocking at it  Big Grin
Learning is tricky as you want something soft to land on ie grass but thats harder to ride on that a hard surface...

The way to start is perch against a wall, get on it and then just rock back and forth still holding on and try and get the hang of that then its simply a case of just trying to ride forward heh then get your hockey stick and go and play  Big Grin

This reminds me that I need to de-sieze the seatpost so I can lower it and get a tyre off ebay with more grip

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