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Anybody do this to help with their cycling? I'm talking about the stretching/strengthening/breathing exercise type yoga rather than the freeing my mind/centering my chi/finding enlightenment type.

I often get lower back pain after about 2.5 hours on the bike and in the last year tend to get a stiff neck and traps after more involved rides/muscling the singlespeed about.  I'm also aware of how much less pedal force I can apply once the old back starts to ache so looking for a means of strengthening it up to make it more solid. I do do weights twice a week but this doesn't feel like it helps massively.
The General at lunchtime

2010 Canyon Aeroad 9.0 SL
2014 Specialized Epic Marathon

I'm finding myself, man. Feeling at peace with nature.
Most stuff seems to be about leg pain but this concentrates on backs/necks

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2010 Canyon Aeroad 9.0 SL
2014 Specialized Epic Marathon
I've also been suffering with a stiff lower back & unrelated shoulder issues. Handily, with my sister being a physio I get good advice Wink  I'm thinking of trying yoga/yogalates (? Spelling, a mixture of Pilates & yoga).  I've been informed it's good for posture & core strength (for the lower back pain).  Planks into side planks are good for core muscles & lying face down & pushing yourself up keeping your hips to the floor is a good lower back stretch.
I dunno about Cycling in particular but I have a good 'lady friend' at the moment who is well into Yoga... It does marvellous things to the human body.

I'd love to get into it, as from the things I have tried it feels like having the most awesome stretch.  8)
I'm back in the gym since Christmas & disappointed that the yoga classes are only on early afternoon during the week.  Used to include these in my routine regularly last year & were always popular.  I found that yoga combined with pilates certainly made my core the strongest it has ever been & I was really flexible!!  Have to say that only ever saw one or two men in the classes amongst around 25 women........ Wink
Looking about at a few sites about it atm, lots of pretty women in leotards - best research project ever Smile

I may give some a go tonight, though may give the leotard a miss, after Xmas I'd look like a sausage wrapped in clingfilm in one of those!  

I did briefly look up Pilates but research seemed to suggest there was 'insufficient evidence' to suggest it helped lower back pain.
Sit-ups are good for lower back pain. Obviously not whilst the pain is there, once the pain has gone.
Strong stomach muscles & core help to support the back, opposing muscle groups.... So I have been told!!  Undecided
Although you should work opposing muscle groups I'm not sure sit ups (assuming you don't mean crunches) will help. I'm thinking the pain is prob caused by tight hip flexors - short at the front, so straining the lower back, so adding tension to these with sit ups might not help. I could well be wrong though.

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