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Lycra Shorts!
Mm mm, I've just been to Aldi and bought some shorts... They seem pretty well padded, but I've never worn padded lycra shorts before. They are snug. I feel like a bit of a tit in them, but hope that they will be comfortable after several hours. They have coolmax silver antibacterial gubbins for my jacobs to rest delicately on, which is nice. And they were less than £7. I have two pairs so ner.
Keep it foolish...
Big Grin i found it weird the first time i tried on padded shorts ... i found it even weirder when walking through the station with them and people laughing at him ... turns ou the padding makes it look like you've got a small boner  :Smile
I have the same by from a couple of yrs ago, still gong strong but the waistband isn't great after a few hrs. I never noticed until I bought a £60 pair of Scott baggies with Lycra inner in a sale and it's like wearing silk pants
You have to wear baggies over them!! I bought some as well as my old ones are dead. Totally wrong but I wear underwear still with mine which does half defeat the point but I prefer things being held down there...
yeah, I'm gonna wear pants still, not going commando on the bike...

Bizarrely my 2nd bike was called a 'commando'
Keep it foolish...
Wearing pants or boxers defeats the object of the Lycra shorts.

"embrace the gusset sponge"
Quite often I do 20 mile rides with just baggies...if you have a fat arse and/or good saddle you dont need padded shorts. I will be swapping the saddle on the Zesty for my old Fizik on that note as the standard one is quite painful!
i have never worn these things before, maybe i have a leather gooch good saddle... thought they might be a good idea tho. I shall report back when they have been broken in...
Keep it foolish...
"Breezer" Wrote:I prefer things being held down there...

Don't we all? ...however whilst riding padded shorts are the best solution and should not rub like the frilly lae edged garments you favour Big Grin
Yeh the seems on the cheaper end lycra shorts are a little rough - but the benefit of a gusset sponge on the longer rides is good.

I too can ride for over an hour without one, because all riders get used to the seat - but the extra padding makes things nice.

Can feel quite odd at first, but I now pretty much always wear padded lycra shorts under my baggies now.

But the different between my Aldi and Scott shorts are a million miles  Tongue

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