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Rental & cost of living averages
Morning all

Where would be a good place to look for average living and rental costs?
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Zoopla should give you a renting average for a certain area or postcode
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Cool, anywhere for gguesstimating bills etc?
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"stayhigh65" Wrote:Cool, anywhere for gguesstimating bills etc?

Bit tricky as depends on local facilities and your usage etc - ours is quite low as we are out all day, others who do shifts might be higher. If you prefer baths to showers then that will have a bearing. Suspect there are online calculators to work things like that out though.
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Try <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->

I'd be suprised if there wasn't something of use on there
Small 2 bed terrace in St Leonards East Sussex, 1 person, water meter (can make a big difference/saving)

£650 rent
£95 ish council tax (including ugly twat single person 25% discount)  (you only pay cc tax for 10 months of the year)
£100 gas + elec
£13 water + sewage (due to water meter, 2 showers a day as well)
£12 odd tv license
£25 something phone and internet

No Sky etc then of course food etc on top
3 bed in Ashford;

£829 mortage.
£129 ish council tax two adults, one baby.
£120 gas + elec.
£17 + £40 water + sewage (one billto deliver fresh water, one too take crap away)
£12 odd tv license.
£30 Sky TV (cracking Deal from a bloke I know)  Wink
£17 Tesco phone line and internet.
£25 house insurance.
£14 Life Insurance.

We budget £200 for food a month and £180 for our fuel.

Hope this helps.
£200 a month on food...wish mine was. Think our average is around £125-£130 a week, albeit that's 3 adults plus more pets than people
For further reference, 3 bed semi in Sevenoaks.  2 adults, relatively energy and water conscious

Water (supply and drainage)     Ã‚£28dd
TV license     Ã‚£12
Gas and electricity     Ã‚£105dd (but I suspect we are overpaying a bit)
Council Tax     Ã‚£140 (single occupancy - Tasha still studies)
Rent     Ã‚£Â£Â£Â£Â£Â£  :'(
Talk talk phone and broadband     Ã‚£22.50
Home contents insurance (to include bikes)     Ã‚£13
Sky and BT Sport     Ã‚£59
Other than that its pet insurance, Specsavers dd and then food which is probably about £60-80 a week at a guess
1 bed EoT, Swanley, 2 adults, 1 car

Mortgage                     401.7
Rent                        121.17
Council Tax             120
Electric                     103
Water                     20
TV/Phone/BB             58.65
Mobile                     16.93
Fuel                             100
Car Insurance             45
Home Insurance             12.5
TrainerRoad             6.37
Life Insurance             14.87
TV License                     12.12
Contact Lenses             35
NetFlix                     5.99
Food                             200
Hair Cut                     8
Car Service/Tax/MOT     26

Monthly Total             1357.3
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