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New commuter build
"Treehugger" Wrote:I have never had a front mech gunk up so much that it no longer works even in the worst of conditions riding off road, so why do you feel the need to protect it commuting?

Because I have had a front mech gunk up so much that it no longer works Tongue

I find the constant stream of water and grit the rear wheel blasts at the front mech has the effect of removing the lubrication leading to poor performance. It's completely different to caking a mech in mud. I always find the front mech a chore to clean properly too.

I'm not too fused about the looks of the bike when it's raining, as long as I stay mostly dry! I dislike the look of full guards, but like the quarter rear guard I've come up with. It'll look good (to me at least) when riding in the dry and a compromise had to be made somewhere, so I'm happy Smile
Big thanks to Bike Wheel Guy - it now has dandy horse capabilities Smile Hopefully won't be long until it's finished now.

No problem! Looks really nice,  almost too nice for commuter hack! I'd be tempted to hammer it round the woods! Must be nice and light - are those carbon forks? Must be sub 25lb, be right nice round the techy stuff that!
They are carbon forks, Exotics from Ebay and they ride quite nicely too. I've no idea on weight yet, will put it on the scales when it's complete to see.

Does anyone know of a company that can will do custom vinyl graphics on a small scale? I have an idea for a head tube badge, but it would need to be made up.
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A load of people on the roadie forums use this guy in Brazil for custom decals on their Chinese carbon frames.
Flat bars fitted, bar ends on and drive train working. Not ridden yet, but looking forward to Monday for the first ride! The only thing that's a little odd is that the front brake seems to have become very squeaky since its short lay up in the shed - odd!

I'd still like to get a head badge made, but not really had time and the super secret special feature on the BB is so far off it might as well be a dream.

Quick Pics -



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