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Cold Knee
Some may know from my constant moaning last year i had knee problems, more specifically issues around the Fibula head.

In my tights on wet cold rides my knee flairs up, its pretty uncomfortable but not especially painful. Ive got nerve damage/scarring in there which doesn't like getting cold.

Would wearing knee warmers in combination of long tights work? knee warmers underneath. I tried dhb zero wind/water resistant tights but the material over the knee section didn't stretch and caused pain around the knee caps on long rides.

I have fleece lined tights which work quite well for keeping warm. I think too many layers on your knees could get a bit restrictive/tight when you want blood flow to be good to keep them warm.

I used some deep heat  spray on my  knees at  the weekend and it did actually seenu to help so perhaps give some embrocation a go.
The fleece tights are known as roubaix tights. Worth a look or as general states some warm up balm/ embrocation
Thanks guys, my tights are Roubaix tights, need something warmer.

Assos mention that these can be used under them, but not sure how comfortable it would be:

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I've been using some £10 Aldi waterproof commuter trousers over my bibs for last 2 months - keeps my legs toasty by blocking a lot of the  wind chill.They also make  riding out in all the mud and wet at the mo more fun.
They've gotta pay for those topless models somehow.
Wind proof bib tight.  I also have bad knees from my job. I use bontrager wind proof bib tights and find my knees sweat  in them
If i don't wear my knee pads i get achey knees too, one of the reasons i wear them all the time. Anything tight will make it worse so i wouldn't wear anything under them Russ unless you go a size larger. I wore some tights under my baggies on a ride once and had to strip off mid ride because my legs were dead due to restricted blood flow!
I think I tried knee warmers under some bib tights once and it definitely felt too tight with resistance against movement. I perhaps might be tempted to get knee warmers a size too large and try them on the outside of tights. The Lusso Max Repel knee warmers I have seem a little larger than another pair I have (and longer too). When it gets really cold I'm getting my old but rarely used Endura trousers out (finally discovered after years of ownership that wearing tights/warmers underneath prevents them from riding up to my knees!). Maybe if you can find trowsers with ventilation zips at the thighs you could wear them in this sort of weather without getting too steamy?

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