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Roadie brake question
I bought some lightly used 105 brakes off eBay, and went to fit them today, unsuccessfully.  Both brakes are identical.  Should the front and rear have different length bolts that attach them to the frame, rather than the same length that I've received?  I went to attach the rear first, and the bolt is way too long.  The seller included two different length nuts, but I think the longer one is to go through the wider carbon fork in the front.
Normally two different lengths. Although it could be they were fitted to a thicker carbon frame so needed two front brake calipers to fit, the seller probably did not know. Could you make a spacer?  A front and rear standard set looks like this.

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Less than 1 minute ago" />   
Thanks for that.  I was looking for images but didn't see any side view.  I've since found on Shimano website, within the tech docs, that the front pivot bolt should be 52.5mm and the rear should be 37.8mm.  I've contacted the seller.
Actual length of the bolts will depend on which calipers you have, bu the front is usually longer to go through the forks.
The rear typically bolts through a frame brace, so  needs a shorter bolt.

It could be though that the brakes came off an unusual frame, the brakes were OE & the bike manufacturer spec'd them with unusual size bolts - he may be perfectly honest if he says that's how they were.

Easy fixed though - replacement bolt or length of studding.
"Tinc" Wrote:Easy fixed though - replacement bolt or length of studding.

These are a replacement for the worn out no-name brakes that I have.  Can I just swap over the bolt you think?  What's a length of studding?

I've already sorted this out with the seller.  He's moving to the States in a couple of weeks, so he gave me a refund and told me to keep them  Smile.
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Cheers. The spare bolt and gubbins are 20 quid, and I only paid 26 for the brakes!
&quot;Yankee&quot; Wrote:Cheers. The spare bolt and gubbins are 20 quid, and I only paid 26 for the brakes!

£6 profit after the refund then! Smile
Just bought a brand new complete brake on eBay for £21.  Problem solved.  I hope.
Could probably swap the bolt from your old brake.
At least you have spares now.
Don't junk the old ones before you've had a look at swapping things about.

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